5 The Future of Smart Home Technology Is Looking Good

Ever think you can control your home and set up the equipment in your home? As an example only with hand gestures, can turn on and off mechanically.
This is good news, you have the opportunity to use it in your home, because some companies have succeeded in creating such equipment.
Hold out his review of the advanced features and futuristic below.
Smart House Future

1. Put the lamp house with Hands Clapping

The Clapper is a way of activating the voice-based. You can turn on or turn off the lights in your room with just clapping your hand.

2. Twist on the Pointing Finger Electronic Equipment.

If The Clapper need applause to activate it, with features
PointSwitch of PointGrab you can set your home appliances simply by pointing your finger in the direction of the tool. This creature can even work in the dark and from a distance of up to 15 feet wide.
PointGrab announced on its official website that this instrument will be available within the year. You can even watch a video demonstration on the website.

3. Change the Lock House with Smartphone
With this characteristic, you no longer have to use a regular key to secure the house. A device will be installed at the doorway of the house where the device can detect the smartphone that you have used to be able to have access into the house. With the features of Lock-it-Tron, you will obtain a notification every time someone tried to enter the house, where the notification also in the entire world because wifi technology installed on the tool. Not just that, you also can check through
Smartphone if you forget to lock the door of the home. More sophisticated, this technology enables you to engage the door remotely using a service that is in the future.

4. Arrive at Home Match Mood Lighting
The Philips lighting company issued a product called Philips Hue LED lamp that combines engineering with applications that allow you to customize the color of your lights according to your desire. You can experiment searching for the light color you wish or even copy from photos that you have. By utilizing a timer, Hue can serve as an alarm in the morning by installing a light color was so bright that can wake you from a deep sleep. You forgot to turn off lights child's room? Hue also can easily be operated via your smartphone.

5. House Cleaning Robot
Ever dream of owning a robot maid to do homework? Company
Ecovac issued several robotic devices that can aid you with homework. Winbot for example, window cleaning robot can help you clean the windows that are normally difficult to achieve. Simply by attaching Winbot in your window, this tool will automatically detect and clean the windows. Winbot addition, there are likewise several other types of household robot that can make you Ecovac has its own robot army to help you clean the house.
That article about the future of house technology, may inspire you. forward next article more interesting.
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