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In this day and age, there really is a great deal of design house that develops and popping up along with the times. It is currently being phenomenon is minimalist, but the open design means more households are less desirable. Evidence is now coming forth again a home design that is so attractive to many people, the compact design of the house. The home does have a compact design that is so unique that is has the shape of a square, in contrast to most homes.
Home design Cozy latest Compact

But precisely this is the main draw for most people, the exterior design is so unique and even some people consider home design is a bit strange, but it is where the advantages of this compact house. Besides compact home was also impressed so natural, it can be envisioned from the use of wood elements and also usually compact in design houses with a garden that surrounds it, so it really seems so natural.
Home design Cozy latest Compact

Compact With Minimalist home garage

Besides owning a design that is so unique and seem natural, compact home can also be combined with a garage. In this day and age is a garage into Salaah one needs, especially for those who own a personal vehicle. House compact yet can also be mixed with a minimalist car garage on the bottom. Compact house basically is made with type 2 floor so it holds a lot more space.So that residents can pull in the garage with a rather large size, usually the garage at home this compact in design with a capacity of 1-2 cars, but returned again to the needs of each household.d. Besides can be blended with a garage, this compact house can also be combined with various elements such as wooden elements.

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Compact Design House With Wood Elements

Compact house is really flexible and very easy to design, one that is by applying the element of wood in the house compact. Wood has become one of the components that are already familiar premises Santa n compact housing design, the article most compact home is the use of wood as walls. This is because the wood element will provide natural shades are so hard.
Home design Cozy latest Compact

Compact home was designed with the concept of natural and integrated with nature, therefore the element of wood is really well suited for application at home compost. In addition to beefing up the natural impression of her, you can add a minimalist garden at the front or the rear of the house, so that the impression will naturally feel strong, and the air around the house will feel fresh and cool.

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