Fusion Small Living Room Dining Room Design Ideas, Picture and Decor

Minimalist house is identical to the selection of furniture that bit yet multifunctional so that the usage of the room could be maximum plus room could become more widespread. The internal design of the dining room can also be combined with the living room so that the room can be enabled roomy double but still impressive.

3 Interior Design Eating Become One With The Family Room

interior design dining room fused with family room

Thither are a few recommendations as well as inspiration from the dining room into one with a living room and you can apply at home as follows:

The kitchen is open to the family room

The idea of ​​interior design inspiration, minimalist dining room is the first system using an open family room where no insulation barrier either doors or walls that make the room become separated. With open plan living, and so you can unite the dining room as well as a one place along with the kitchen.
interior design dining room fused with family room

Leave a space between the living room and the dining room and then the space becomes more spacious and there are boundaries between the dining room and the family room even though they were in one room. Selection of color in the room also must be opposed and balanced so it does not look crowded and full because the two functions together in a room at once.

Multifunctional family room

The internal design of the dining room and the living room the other is made by means of a multi functional. To be able to come around the narrow land, then the TV in the family room can be affixed to the wall so you no longer need to add another small table or cabinet to put the TV.

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You can choose a dining table with a square shape so that it can be located near the wall and you can enjoy a meal while watching television. Select the color of furniture that matched the color of the walls that give the impression of broad and neutral in your room.

The furniture that has multiple functions

interior design dining room fused with family room

If you want a fairly spacious dwelling with family room design fused together with the dining room, choose furniture that delivers multiple functions so that you can save money in releasing funds for the purchase of other probation. For instance, you use the table in the family room that can be converted into a dining table in a short time.

Additionally, instead you prefer a chair that takes quite a lot of land, then lay your rug or other types under the table so they can fit more people who will use the room. Sofa you use also does not need great quantities because you already have a rug under the table as a pedestal to use good table to relax and dine.

With some recommendations interior design dining room into one with a family room, it is expected that you can engage to the residential yours so that utilization of space has become much better.
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