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My home is my palace. Words are true because the mansion is a comfortable place to stay. For that reason, many people are vying to create the house look more unique. One way to establish the house unique is the presence of some unique furniture. But often, people feel confused with making unique furniture at home. Then what sort of furniture that is easy to apply? Here are some references for you to consider.
the idea of furniture unique to your home

Take advantage of the door
Do you know? A door that has been unused can be utilized as a shelf. This shelf can be employed as a bookcase or storage shelves display. Of course, with a pinch of creativity, a former door that can be utilized repainted like the one in the picture.

Take advantage of Window
You have a window that had been given up? Do not be thrown out once! A window leaves can be made into a wall ornament. Not only that, this one thing can function as shelves and hangers.
Another unique furniture that can be gained from the unused window is framed wall. For this one, the window used is a window that has a box chassis. The trick is very simple, you just get it on the wall and decorate it.

Take advantage of the Boards Wood
Comfortably, for one thing it is highly multifunctional. Some scrap wood boards can employ to create unique furniture in some corner of the room. First, a former timber stacking and can be created as a buffer bed. So, you will have a bedroom that looked different than usual. Simple but unique!
the idea of furniture unique to your home

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Furthermore, some wooden planks can be utilized as a hanging pot for planting. Of course, plants grown to be small plants or ornamentals, such as primes. The trick is to set up some wooden planks horizontally and provide a gap sufficiently. This opening was made to place plastic containing soil and plants. Easy, right?

Other furniture that can be constructed of wooden planks was a small table. For this one, you need a medium-sized wooden planks and ropes. Why am I holding a ski rope? Because of this little table will be hung next to your bed.
Easy right to form their own unique furniture at home? Of course, by adopting some of the above design, you do not need to spend more money. Just use secondhand goods around you and hit your house more attractive.
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