Ideas about Decorate A Mirror in Interior Design With Picture

The mirror is reflecting light. No wonder if the mirror is one of the decorative elements recommended in every home interior decorating tips are small. Because the reflected light will create the atmosphere of the room brighter and more spacious. The mirror can be put in almost every room, from the living room to the bathroom. The mirror also brings heat and adds to the appeal of a room.
tips interior decor home with mirror ornamental

Although the mirror is a versatile answer for a wide range of problems in the design of the interior space, it does not mean you can arbitrarily choose the model and the size of the mirror. One home interior decorating tips that cannot be ignored is to prefer a mirror with the size, shape, and style accordingly. Sometimes, the selection process is not as easy as thought.

Home Interior Decorating Tips to Choosing the Right Mirror

Here are some interior design hints that you can apply to choose a decorative mirror in the room is small:

Select Mirror with matching size
When you take the elements of decor for the walls, the size is one very important thing. Then ask the following two things:
"Where do I hang a mirror?"
"What size are the walls?"
tips interior decor home with mirror ornamental

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If you hang a mirror over the sofa, then the maximum size that you put up mirror is hanging along the sofa (assuming that no other decorative objects that you are hanging along the mirror). If the length is the same, the mirror will be a focal period
or fulcrum in the room. However, if you just want to bring the feel of light without making it the center of attention, then choose a mirror with a smaller size, for example, three-quarters of the length of the sofa.

Playing with shapes and colors

With so many options of models available mirror, not easy to find a mirror that was absolutely perfect. If you desire to bring a fresh nuance in the room, then find a mirror that model is not traditional. If you require to change the feel of the room in total, do not pick a mirror that is small. Instead, select a large mirror with a dominant form.
tips interior decor home with mirror ornamental
tips interior decor home with mirror ornamental

The walls were not selected architectural detail is the consummate choice for hanging the mirror. Withal, to add to its appeal, choose a classic shaped mirrors and rectangular. Again, choose a mirror with a size that does not exceed the objects underneath. If the furniture in the room is dominated by straight lines, rectangles, and minimalist, you can 'split' stiffness by choosing a round or oval mirror.

Do not Ignore Your Style

The next home interior decorating tips is to prefer a mirror that suits your style. Gracing the walls in the form of a mirror to be able to blend with the surrounding environment, so that the value being. For instance, for a room are modern or minimalist, choose a rectangular mirror with a small frame, to the feel of a more spacious room. Glass with minimal accent will more easily combine with the surrounding environment.
tips interior decor home with mirror ornamental

Instead, a circular mirror with a black frame will be able to vary the feel of an eclectic room. Or, if you desire to apply contemporary interior design, then choose the three-dimensional shaped mirror. Whatever its form, this form of decorative mirrors will complement the contemporary feel that you create in the room.

In summation to the above three aspects, interior decorating tips home with decorative mirrors should also pay attention to the surface of the wall where the mirror will be hung. Especially if a heavy mirror, you must make sure that the mirror hanging with stable and glass is not broken.
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