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The house of minimalist design is suited to be applied to the major cities due to limited land and time to clean it could also be faster. In improver, it helps if the design of kitchen and dining room are in one room so that it can give the impression of spacious and elegant in a minimalist home is yours.

Design Kitchen and Dining In One Room

4 Tips to Design the Kitchen and Dining Converge
To be able to reach the kitchen and the dining table together in one room, then you should follow some of the right steps to design it as follows:

1. Utilizing the same color
As you already know if the house selection of colors in a minimalist home must be submitted into account appropriately and mature so the design is still elegant. By design simple kitchen and dining room into one, then you should gunaknlah open concept with similar colors both for the kitchen and a dining table so that it can make the impression of more widely.
The open design is the absence of a roadblock between the kitchen and the dining table while still being in one place so that space for your move much more spacious.
Design Kitchen and Dining In One Room

2. Use kitchen 'hidden'
The cooking area is frequently regarded as a wet area that is less beautiful if seen openly. If by chance your kitchen and dining room together, then there are tricks you can suffice to 'hide' the cooking area. The magic is to use some sort of curtain or door 'shadow' that can open the lid, thus, a cooking area is not so exposed when you are not using it.
Additionally, you can adorn the dining room area as a pleasant place, for example, is putting a small bookcase or wall paintings.
Design Kitchen and Dining In One Room

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3. Use Focal Point
If you desire to look away from the cooking area in the kitchen together with dining room, then you have to make the dining table as a focal point in the room. How much function is lost can vary. For example, is to install the wallpaper along the wall adjacent to the dining table or painting it with bright colors and strong. Or, as in the case below, you can put a set of dining table and chairs with unique motifs and attract attention.
Set the dining table and chairs that uniquely serves as a focal point to deflect from the kitchen. To strengthen its office as a focused view, install a set of large-sized chandelier above it.
Design Kitchen and Dining In One Room

4. Use Eating Corner
If the design of the kitchen and the dining room has a windowpane with a view, minimalist outdoor, then use the corner of a dining area (eating corner). When enjoying the meal, then your thoughts will be focused outward rather than toward the kitchen. You can use this method when the size of the kitchen is quite spacious and there is an empty corner that you can use to put a dining table set.
Design Kitchen and Dining In One Room

Hopefully the data regarding the design of the kitchen and dining in one room this can apply in a minimalist style home so they can keep the amount of space at your home.
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