Ideas about Small Guest Rooms For A Stunning Modern Home

The living room is a space created specifically to entertain people who came to the home. Usually parlor representative of the entire contents of the home. Therefore, make the living room a beautiful room, cozy and neat is a dependable choice. Specially if the space provided is quite small, so it is quite difficult to decorate.

To get the best design of the living room, though small space consumed, is to choose the right architecture model. Fortunately, now there are many ways that we can apply. One is the minimalist style, which is still well-liked, particularly by homeowners in urban areas.
Indeed, logically, a small space is complete when applied minimalist style. The style are simple and festive will make a small room look larger, and this is very good for the living room. When there are many people who move into a room, the furnishings that accumulate will make the air becomes hot. The more so when ventilation is inadequate.
Small Guest Room Design Minimalist

However, using the minimalist-style architecture in the living room is also not easy. There are several things that must be considered in this esteem. Among these is the choice of furniture. Generally, people using the sofa as a topographic point to sit in the living room. Choosing a sofa is suitable when the space width, only less precise when the small room and the selected style is minimalist.
Furniture suitable for small living room design is minimalist tables and chairs are slim, not many eating spots. In addition, the frame should be flat. But if you still are driven to use the sofa, then find a sofa with a unique shape, not old-fashioned, and does not take up much space. At least pick out a sofa for one or two people.

For the selection table should also be looked at. Find a table is not excessively wide. The form should also be slim and fragile, yet sturdy. Can be constructed of wood or iron, with the addition of glass on it. The rest you can fiddle with colors and accessories. But in reality not too many accessories, except for important and useful course. About color can choose paint colors that are safe, such as white.
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