Ideas and Modern Designs with Brick Wall Living Rooms That Inspire Your Design Creativity

Minimalist to the current home has become one of the main choices for those of you new to have a small family or newly married. For a minimalist home this time with the latest design and a unique display that should be a comfortable dwelling that is minimalist design minimalist house brick exposed. For a minimalist home with a view of a brick wall this exposure would be one phenomenal home design. Because a home like this in previous years is still rarely loved, let alone look like a house that has not been made in plaster or concrete.

Minimalist Home Design Bricks Recent Exposure

Simply if you are clever to apply and also to combine the natural color, of course, can be an elegant mansion like villa on a hill. Mansion with the exposed stone look is now becoming one of the most widely design examples to get an impression of art and design more character. Exposed brick minimalist home also made the concept more captivating. See also exposed brick walls make the house become much simpler.

For a minimalist house Exposed brick is created with a variety of concepts accurately. The house is built with a solid foundation and a simple shape, but for the interior is made like a classic elegant home. The exposed brick house also can be constituted of various types. Getting down from the house type 36, type 45, type 50, type 60, type 70, type 90 and type 100. However, most home designs are customized to the surroundings. And usually wear with the type 60.

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Because the mansion with the type 60 is obviously bigger and wider for each part of the room. In addition to paint the walls themselves in conformity with the existing brick color to be more natural impression. Therefore, if you desire to be able to have an ideal home and also with a view of a brick this expose you must already prepare for whatever is needed, including you prepare your budget right. Homes like this are more suitable in a cool area and not in urban areas.

Interior Kitchen With Exposed Bricks

For the kitchen is one way that is very important because as a place to cook you all day and also a place for you to store various household appliances and also store food. The kitchen itself requires foremost cleanliness dami maintaining health around the room.
Minimalist Home Design Bricks Recent Exposure

In summation to the kitchen can apply a natural cellar door modern exposed brick. With typical color brown bricks make the room as the kitchen becomes more graceful. In addition, you can also apply room with some furniture supporters such as kitchen sets and refrigerators for a position to store food.

The Elegant Interior Living Room

For the interior you can also inspire so little living space more beautiful and graceful. The living room can be applied with a natural brown color of the bricks exposed famous more muted.

Minimalist Home Design Bricks Recent Exposure

In addition to parts of pottery course you can replace with wood famous ceramic art gives the impression of rustic and more refined. With the system more orderly arrangement of the room like sofas, tables and vases make home living room becomes more prosperous in the view and simpler.

Exposed brick terrace With The Natural Color

Part porch view would be most important to people passing by. Due to its own patio into the house face the most admired. Terrace house you normally make a place for recreation can also be applied to the color of exposed brick and white coated for part of each corner. Besides its own terrace can be created with roots such as the wooden house where tables and chairs lined up each other on.

Minimalist Home Design Bricks Recent Exposure

Part floor you can also combine or can be converted from the ceramic into a wooden floor or it could be otherwise. Provided that the combination of fit and more orderly. In addition to the option of wall paint color similar to the color of the bricks would be more durable in order to withstand any kind of weather including humid weather and extreme heat.

Hence the discussion of minimalist design Exposed brick, hopefully this design can be a beautiful and suitable design for your dream home. you still continue to visit this blog and watch other beautiful designs also only on this blog. thanks for your time and happy reading this article at home.
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