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Discussing minimalist house indeed seemed never-ending, there are constantly new things that can be discussed from this minimalist home. Nearly every year, even in a matter of months, always comes the latest creation from the house of minimalist design or whether it covers only covers about decoration. But in today's age that minimalist house design with advanced concepts into one design minimalist house so attractive to many people.

Minimalist house with this modern concept itself inherently has a perspective that seems so modern, but still looks so simple. In designing minimalist house with modern concepts themselves, normally using some elements such as natural stone, then for the color of the paint itself is usually chosen is the paint with soft colors or bright colors such as cream, white, or brown.
Minimalist Home Design Concepts With Modern

Modern Minimalist House 2 floors

Minimalist Home Design Concepts With Modern

In addition to putting on the various elements, modern house can also be made into two floors. Indeed, the invention of modern minimalist house with two floors is much more desirable, because in addition to having a good design and beautiful, also coined the amount of room that much so enough to be occupied by many people. Meanwhile, to apply themselves quite tolerable easy, you just make the plan to fit your needs.
Minimalist Home Design Concepts With Modern

In addition to adding a modern impression, usually in a minimalist home design 2 story itself is added with elements of natural stone on the ramparts. The usage of natural stone on the exterior walls of this minimalist house will indeed reinforce the impression of a modern and elegant in this modern minimalist home. In addition to applying it is not too difficult, you can ascertain the design examples above.

Modern Minimalist House Design 1 Floor

Minimalist Home Design Concepts With Modern

Although the plan of modern minimalist house 2 floors in demand by many people, but that does not mean the design of modern minimalist house one floor is not desirable. Modern minimalist house first floor also has a bunch of fans, usually applying the design of this house is a couple of new families. If seen from the amount of room inside is not too much is usually only available from 2 to 4 bedrooms, but this quantity is sufficient if it is occupied by a couple of new families.

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While relatively easy to employ yourself, this modern minimalist house design can be applied to all types minimalist home. To make a modern impression is usually applied to natural stone elements on the exterior walls, in addition, you can choose exterior paint colors such as bright pink or white. And so a minimalist garden at the front of the house will also give a modern impression in this minimalist home.

So the discussion about minimalist design with modern concepts that we can provide to you, may be useful and could be a reference for you. How do you interested in trying this modern minimalist home plan? There are still a great deal of information about the design and other home decor that you can see here. Thank you for visiting and reading our article here.
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