Kitchen Design and Remodeling Ideas With Picture

The kitchen is one of the most critical parts of a house where a lot of families do anggoita activities there. When the number of families in your home more than five people, then you should themed kitchen interior design kitchen island is able to hold about eight people at once.

3 Interior Design Kitchen

Interior Design Kitchen Classic for the latest Big Family

Kitchen design kitchen island modeled basically have a classic concept with a selection of furniture that is sufficient to fit the entire family. Here are 3 examples of designs for you.

1. Island for Eight
Classic, traditional, elegant but may be identified at a glance when you see the concept of the kitchen island named Island for Eight. The kitchen is designed with white color faded is seen as the dominant seem more spacious, though not too characteristic of his own kitchen has a large expanse. Shades of white with a hint of chocolate contained in the selection of furniture can make your classic kitchen seemed to have a very elegant and well ordered.
Interior Design Kitchen Classic for the latest Big Family

Furniture that is most synonymous with the idea of the kitchen is the selection of the models, curved table placed in the middle of the floor colored wooden cabinet. This table able to accommodate eight people at once with a simple design that luxury.

2. Indian Grove Kitchen
Interior kitchen more classic fashion that is the selection of furniture made of stainless steel for the kitchen Indian themed grove. Intimate impression of character and design must be presented from the kitchen so as to make family members feel the warmth. The blank color is still the choice for many kitchens because the impression is more spacious and clean with a touch of marble wall as an accent.
Interior Design Kitchen Classic for the latest Big Family

The white color also appears on a great table that incorporated into one with a sink at once made with marble to fit together with the wall. To reinforce the design of the kitchen, stainless seat selection will enhance your house.

3. Contemporary Shaker Kitchen
Interior design ideas kitchen island classic theme is contemporary models are elegantly designed with a hint of white and light gray. Excerpt of the cabinet must have a great design that can accommodate many kitchen equipment such as cutlery and cookware. Part focal pint of this kitchen is the mid-sized table size with some drawer or small cupboard underneath fused so that it can be applied as a multifunctional furniture.
Interior Design Kitchen Classic for the latest Big Family

The airfoil of the table is made of marble so as to give the impression of luxury. The kitchen itself is built with an open concept so the more memorable widely to enter a lot of family members. To get the looks together, the floor is made of marble to reinforce the theme of the design of a kitchen.

Hopefully some inspiration selection themed interior design kitchen classic kitchen island can add a reference for those who hope to get a broad multifunctional kitchen for many family members.
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