Kitchen Layouts : Ideas for U - Shaped Kitchens

The kitchen is the main center of an activity that is in a home. Having a kitchen design is minimalist and beautiful is every woman's dream. If the face of your kitchen has a U shaped layout, the selection of kitchen cabinet design also should not be arbitrary to prevent the appearance of solid well as full-on as well as your home kitchen.

design idea kitchen cabinets minimalist for layout U

Layout U means well on the right, the left or the backbone of a kitchen stocked with kitchen set or kitchen equipment, but has a living room empty so it looks very spacious. Choice of kitchen cabinet minimalist design must be adjusted to the theme and also the color of the kitchen. Here, the choice is yours.

3 Recommended Unique Design Kitchen Cabinets

Built-in cupboard with hanging rail
In the kitchen because they are a place in the home that does not have a broad enough room, so the selection of a closet or cabinet must be adapted to the shape of the room and also in extent. Closet or cupboard paste is the correct choice to get around the narrow room.

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Install some cabinets that meet the color paste temple and also based on the material either wood or aluminum. Closet does not pack up much space because it placed against the wall. Choose a closet that opened up so that masses who are not too high could also open it. Install on each side to form a letter U as well, so it will look poised.
design idea kitchen cabinets minimalist for layout U

Floor Unit With Shelves
Place the cupboard below the floor of the closet to put some cookware or also a sink for washing. Regular cabinet design is not overly different from the design of the kitchen cabinets to hang for typically sold one set so that the colors and materials are usually the same.
design idea kitchen cabinets minimalist for layout U

Choose a regular closet that holds lots of shelves in it so that it can store various groceries or tools so ats condition table in the closet was not too full and can be filled with other decorations and gives the impression of spacious and clean. Do not put the closet and the closet floor with a too close distance because it will make the impression narrow so you also not easy to do activities.

Glass cabinet
The show window is basically like a cabinet or a large wardrobe of invisibility and is usually placed on the floor cabinets to put items such as collection plates, cups, cutlery or more as well as some groceries. The cabinet is classified as very efficient because it can be easier for homeowners to seek and obtain the necessary items. There are a spacious variety of designs such as glass cabinets with carved or Florals, color or design is also tailored to the type of glass material.

Those are some kitchen cabinet design options for the type of U-shaped layout adapted to the minimalist interior of a kitchen, and hopefully such information could provide inspiration for those who want to modify the look of the kitchen becomes more beautiful.
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