Modern minimalist house design Types 36 and Type 21

Minimalist house does take in a variety of models and types. Thus we do not need to be confused to choose the model and type of minimalist house what will serve as our occupancy. However, good examples and types it should diesuaikan by several factors. Among them is the area of ​​land available, the fund owned, and the number of household members. Type minimalist example of the type 21 and 36. People in big urban areas, it will be difficult to find land.

If already found the land, No doubt expensive. However later they think will buy material goods. So, people who will build a house, at least, must be set aside and should think carefully in deciding everything. In general, minimalist house type 21 is the type most simple, minimalist home, small, and low. The household is usually a good option for people who earn mediocre, not married, or have only one child.
Minimalist Home Design Type 36 and Type 21 Modern

Nonetheless, for type 36 can be categorized homes that are not too small and not too large. Only here we also need to save space, so that the space for family members also unopposed. Thus, in order to be the optimal area of ​​the room, so it's good if homeowners only use furniture that are multifunctional and of small size up to standard.
Nevertheless, if there is furniture that is rarely used, should be avoided. In general, minimalist house type 21 is usually built along an area of ​​60 m2 to 72 m2, and has a building area of ​​about 21 m2. In this manner, the minimalist house of this type can only be made a few rooms away. As one living room, one standard size bedroom or 2 bedroom minimal size, the kitchen, and one bath.

From here, you can guess that the narrowness of the house minimalist type of 21. As with minimalist type of 36. This home was built on an area of ​​75 m2 to 80 m2, and has a building area of ​​about 36 m2. Houses of this type can only be made 1 living room, 2 bedroom standard size or the size of a minimalist 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and one chamber. For a minimalist house type 21 and 36, usually a family room abolished. Because given the available space does not permit.

Despite the minimalist house type 21 and 36 seem narrow, simply if it's as good as possible in the design minimalist house of this type will also make us comfortable to be in it. For instance, you can create a minimalist garden on the remaining land. Or you can make a minimalist terrace. You can design this terrace with your creative minds. Or you can mimic the design of minimalist terrace which is on the Internet, tabloids, magazines property, and social media. You can as well create a minimalist parking area.

So that your car more safe, then you can add an iron fence with a medium height. It is thought that the fence does not cover the body home. So that your vehicle is parked during the daytime will be secure.
If an existing room in a minimalist house type 21 and 36 do not satisfy the needs of families, meaning in the sense that a lot of your family, and you need a lot of space, then you can make a house of this type into two floors. Thusly, you can make many of the rooms according to the needs and tastes. Simply you have to set aside twofold for the construction of the floor to the second.

It is commended that you use the geometric furniture, easily affordable, and lightweight. And you can get advantage of the rest of the rooms as a storage object. As under the steps. The function of the linear pattern also its simple and can save space. Instead of using a meandering design. Similarly, information that can be presented to you. Hopefully last discourse can be used as inspiration by you. That's all and thank you.
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