Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design with Exposed Brick

Modern kitchen design minimalist house favored these days is the kitchen walls with exposed brick or natural rock. Does it give the feeling of a traditional one? Of course not, Exposures walls with brick or natural stone it seem modern if executed appropriately. Then how these rocks can beautify your modern minimalist kitchen design? Consider some of these tips!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brick Exposed

In every aspect of life, of course there are two sides opposing such advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the design minimalist house with exposed bricks, too. There are a series of advantages and disadvantages that you should know before deciding to expose the stones.

Exposing Excess on Wall Brick Kitchen

  • Modern but still makes the impression of ethnic, unique, and classic. This design is stark for you who want a balance in life.
  • Cost exposure space design beautiful modern minimalist kitchen is relatively more inexpensive.
  • The treatment is not too draining and energy prices. So you do not have to chafe when you want to take care of him.

kitchen design modern minimalist by the brick exposed

Exposing shortage Bricks in the Wall Kitchen

  • It calls for a long time to install because it requires precision accordingly.
  • Walls are easily handled with different kinds of fungus if not treated carefully or re-coating.
  • Walls and humid air of the kitchen so easy.

kitchen design modern minimalist by the brick exposed

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Tips bricklaying Exposure

After recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of the use of bricks exposed for a minimalist kitchen wall, now you can decide for yourself whether you still want to install it or not. Then how tips or how to set up the bricks exposed to modern minimalist design your small kitchen? Consider these three points.
kitchen design modern minimalist by the brick exposed

  • Select brick, brick press than usual, because of the case of bricks will affect the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Choose a brick press with a thickness of less than 2 cm because the outcome is guaranteed to be better if the bricks are thinner.
  • Use waterpass to get the same meridian and the flat surface area.
  • Set a brick exposed gradually. Try every stage of its maximum height is 1 to 1.5 meters.
  • So that the hazard of failure is not very high, it is better you ask paired only by the experienced craftsman.

So the tips exposed brick or stone on the wall for your modern minimalist kitchen design. Hopefully this article can provide inspiration for you in designing minimalist kitchen as you have dreamed. Congratulations to explore with brick or natural stone for a modern minimalist design home kitchen you! Remember to use your creativity to design new stencils.
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