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The front of the home has always been a point of attention of everyone who passes your house. In designing the front of the home to make it look beautiful to look at, not only requires artistic design of buildings, but also the choice of colors and ornaments that decorate. One type of ornament is the choice of many people to decorate the front of the house is to use natural stone able to present an artistic impression and natural.

Natural stone is typically practiced on for some parts of the walls of the house, for example, applied to the pool terrace or in one part of the front wall. The purpose of utilizing natural stone is to enhance the overall look of the building without having to apply natural stone on all parts of the walls of the house.
Modern Home Design With Natural Stone

Here are some types of natural stone that are typically used to heighten the look of a minimalist home, where natural stone has its own advantages and disadvantages, namely:

Modern Home Design With Natural Stone

Stone temples.
This gemstone has a rough texture and dark color, making it suitable for creating a color contrast with bright wall colors like white, beige or other soft colors. The disadvantage of this type of natural stone pores is large and comfortable to absorb water. If not treated the right way, it will be easy, natural stone moss.

This natural gemstone is not much different from the nature of the stone temple, which is dark in color, have pores rather large and coarse texture.

Stone slabs times.
This stone bears a dark color, but porinyanya smaller pores, thus avoid the risk of moss.

Stone andhesite.
These stones have small pores, with slow and smooth surface so it is relatively less susceptible to mildew and resistant to weather. The rock strength makes it a most preferred as a laurel wreath on the wall outside the house and the fence.

Coral brushes.
This type of rock has a small round shape and are generally used to beautify a fish pond, a garden, and carport. In the market, this type of natural stone has many color selections.

Marble stone.
Natural stone of this character is the most preferred type of stone for ornaments minimalist home. This stone holds the characteristic very hard, colors are brighter and smaller pore so suitable for use outdoors. With good quality, the price of natural stone is relatively more expensive than other types of natural gemstone.

There are several matters to consider when creating a home design using natural stone, for example:

1. Apply a natural stone in the mansion that will get attention.
2. Choose natural stone that has a contrasting color to the wall color so that the beauty of natural stone is clearly visible.
3. In applying a dark colored natural stone, try not cover more than 40% of the wall so as not to present the impression of gloomy. Only if you want to use a wall that is covered with natural stone, we recommend using a light-colored natural stone.
4. Weakness wall using natural rock is easy to grow algae that should receive special attention to be cleaned frequently.
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