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The window is one important part of a house. Window function as proper air circulation. Without it, the air inside our families will be dirty because germs and odor could not get out. The window also helps as a natural air conditioner and shutter so that during the day we did not need to turn on the lights. The window design modern minimalist house has the same purpose. But the shape is just different.

In parliamentary law for you to be a healthy minimalist house, it is necessary windows in every room. Of course the window size changes according to the size of the room. Actually, there are special demands to make a nice window in the house apart is located in each room.
Modern minimalist window latest

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1. For the sake of security
Many thieves entered the home through a window. To that end, the security window to be very guarded. First, should the size of the window glass can not exit through. And then for the small size of the row. If you loved the house with lots of transparent ice, you should select the type of glass that cannot be solved at once bulletproof. Other security options you can also act by giving an iron seat behind a glass window.
Modern minimalist window latest

2. Appropriate Size
Minimalist house windows would have to be adjusted to the size of the room. For example, for a 3 x 3 meter room do not use a large window because it can thin out the comfort of the occupants. Should adjust the window size is also a function room. Instances of the bedroom window need not be large because certainly a lot of privacy in it. In contrast to the living room window or a family room that is offered for everyone. While the bathroom window made small.
Modern minimalist window latest

3. Attractive Design
Of course the windows of your home cannot be made arbitrarily make it look attractive. Window design emotion adapted to the architecture of the edifice. For the minimalist, unnecessary windows too stylish. In fact, rarely use the window behind which there is an iron engraving. Most of the plan is actually striped or plaid only.
Differences window minimalist house with other home not only simple, merely also its color. For traditional homes or fancy can use wooden windows which certainly painted brown. Simply, for a minimalist home can be painted with other colors to be commensurate with wall paint his house. That would look pretty and kombinatif.
Modern minimalist window latest

4. Curtains
Most of the current window is made of glass so need curtains for privacy at night. Considerably, you are able to put up curtains that match the color and texture of the walls. If your home is certainly not going to be bad but because the curtains were odd. You can choose lined drapes to fit the theme minimalist home. Thus, between minimalist house windows and the curtains behind him looked beautiful and mixed well.
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