Style Minimalist Flooring Design Ideas, picture, remodel and Decor For A Stunning Modern Home

There have been many types of housing with a wide reach and average indeed a minimalist home. Minimalist already be everyone's choice for the next lifetime. Minimalist house with a unique pattern and simple indeed very popular this year.
And most widely sought as the type of house that is also minimalist with one story. Although but one floor, but in terms of building a house like this is more stable and more simple when simple home made structure.

Minimalist house on one floor is created with a specific purpose, namely to minimize the place to build a house so memorable comfortable and beautiful, and not costly greater development.
There are several types of dwellings that could be made with such a floor type 45, 36, 90, 30 and others.

Before building you should likewise look at the structure of the material beforehand.
One of my favorite people in, building a minimalist home: type 45 type 45 in addition to the size of the house is not too large nor too small, so deemed fit for new couples who are looking for cost and size of the house is also fitting.

Different again if type 36, type is considered very minimal due to its very modest size. Type 36 alone is also a favorite for those who hold a very minimal budget but want to have their own dwelling. Ok, just watch some examples below:
Minimalist design of the Modern Floor Gallery
Minimalist design of the Modern Floor Gallery
Minimalist design of the Modern Floor Gallery

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