The Top 4 Most Common Home Decorating Mistakes

Many masses are more trusting of his home interior decoration to the services of interior designers because of the fear of making a mistake. Still, some brave to explore yourself by utilizing the power creation. Indeed, sometimes the selection of a invention that inadvertently may lead to error, so that the desired design is not reached. If you've already got a mistake, then what should be done? Do not worry about that. All solution.
Home Interior Decorating Mistakes

Common Mistakes in Interior Decoration and solution
Here are more or less common errors that occur in the interior design of the house and how to handle it (if it has already occurred):
Home Interior Decorating Mistakes

Choosing paint preemptively

Indeed, the blusher is one of the biggest parts of the interior and exterior of the house. Nevertheless, that does not mean the paint is the first element that should be selected. Sometimes, you may experience difficulty getting furniture or design elements that are in line with the color of the paint.
The solution: select the elements of decor fabric, such as rugs, cushions, chairs, and other decoration, so you will easily get the color that is consistent with the color of the wall paint. Despite liking the same fabric with a wall paint color of your choice is not an easy task, it is relatively easier task than finding matching furniture.

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Buying Furniture Without Measure preemptively

It is not only difficult in designing the interior decoration of a modest house, but also in the big house. Furniture that is too large to constitute a small room look crowded and full. Instead, the furniture is too modest to make a large room seem empty. Then, what if a unique and beautiful furniture of your choice does not rival the size of the room?
The solution: If you already 'fallen in love' on the furniture and do not want to trade, then the solution was put in another room. For example, if the furniture such as sofa too big for your living room, and so you can use it as an outdoor furniture in the backyard and use a canopy to protect it from rain and heat.

Shopping in One Store Only

One-stop shopping is the current style. Even so, there is no store that can provide all the needs of your home interior design. Thus, do not feel bound by the shop, because the choice that is before you became limited. In fact, other funds may provide furniture with a design that is more varied and more friendly prices.
The solution: There is zero wrong with using a little extra time and effort to get the decorative elements that you need. If you've created a shopping list from home, try to keep conforming to it. If you browse online, choose a store that provides products of several brands and different plants.

Buying Furniture One Complete Set

Indeed, furniture stores often give discounts, attractive price if you purchase a set furnished with design and color matching. Even so, this is a mistake that you should avoid. Because the interior decoration will look stiff, stately, and less attractive. Slightly mix n match will produce a dramatic impression and more interesting.
The solution: Choose one item and proceed to another store to get the next item, even if the design is not matching perfectly. Mix this design will emphasize your personal taste, and you will not find this kind creations in catalogs. Variations that you create can be in terms of color, furniture foot model, curved vs. straight line, or a different design periods.

In addition to 4 common mistakes of home interior decoration above, there are even some mistakes you should avoid if you want a home interior design that truly reflects your personal tastes.
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