tips renovate home type 45 be 2 floors

Home renovation definitely hears the word that occurs to your mind is going to issue a small cost as well. But if the inside of the house has been for years never fox, of course, can lead to boredom for you and the family. Well, for home renovation option is a good choice because it needs more flexible funding that can be cut to the needs that exist. And at a minimum, the existing soil and foundation of the mansion.

Tips Renovated house 2 Floor Type 45 Become Latest

Before renovating the house type 45 is recommended you do a field survey around a housing complex or in other areas to determine the pattern and model. You can likewise open the internet to get information design or even rent a house designers who are experts in their field.
tips renovate home type 45 be 2 floors

Here are some significant tips you need to consider in renovating the house type 45 into two floors so that maximum results and also not to drain the bag:

1. Determine the exact needs of the required course material and then buy materials at wholesale prices in order to get a cheap price, and for home delivery of materials to adjust to the needs 2-3 days to save space at home.

2. Protruding from the back of the work first, and usually at the rear is used for kitchen or warehouse.

3. For a 2-storey home remodeling, try at certain stations to add the foundation of the house, especially the part which will be the fulcrum of the load floor 2.

4. Make a plan on the first floor, which is congruent with the 2nd floor so that the construction can be linear from the bottom up, so as to facilitate the implementation of methods of work, and also put a bathroom in the same position between the 1st floor with 2 floors for easy installation of pipelines as well as reduce the cost of renovation ,

5. Strive there is a hole that opens (voide) That can unify the 1st and 2nd floor for air circulation smoothly and not moldy. And to put it can be in the center or at the rear of the house

6. Plan for the horses and also the roof is not a great deal different from 1st floor

7. In choosing the quality of construction materials. It's better for your home looks simple but strong and durable than the good performances but quickly stopped.

Also tips for renovating your home, may be useful and may also inspire you, thank you for visiting ..
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