Ways to Reduce Noise in an Open-plan Space

Open space design is a popular alternative for the small type minimalist home. Because the room with much insulation will seem cramped and airless. Meanwhile, the design of the living room open to reach the atmosphere more pleasant and feels roomy. One room can be utilized for various purposes families. Even so, one problem often encountered in open space is the noise created by the passing of family members.

How to Reduce Noise in the Open Family Room Design

Muffle the noise on the design of living room

There are several ways that you can employ to get around the noise in the open space, such as a family room that uses the concept of open-plan. Some of them are quite simple, but it may not have been thought about by you earlier. Here are some ways to reduce noise in the interior design of the living room opens:

Use Window Coverings
Wittingly or not, it turns out that a large glass panels on the windows and doors precisely reflect sound arising from footsteps in the open space. And then, for the reflection effect of this noise, then there is no harm in covering shutters with fabric curtains. If you do not desire to interrupt the circulation of light and the view in daylight, use blinds thin. Meanwhile, heavy curtains can be utilized at night.

Replace Carpets
The clatter of more pronounced in the family room which holds a wooden floor. Nonetheless, it is also possible if made from hard floors, such as ceramics also reflect sound when we stopped. One solution is to put in carpet. In addition to reducing noise, carpet also could limit the function of an area in a large room. For exemplar, the carpet in front of the TV for casual for family members, while the carpet near the bookcase be a marker for the reading area.
The thicker the carpet that you employ, the stronger its ability to dampen the sound. Nonetheless, you should avoid thick fur rugs in areas that are often used for transit of family members.
Muffle the noise on the design of living room

Insulation Multi-Function
There are two choices of multi-function wall that you can use to muffle the noise in the interior open-plan family room:

  • Utilization of non-permanent bulkhead walls that can be moved to create a zone in the open room, as needed
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  • Use the wall with storage facilities, such as the rack in the center of the room. In addition to storing or displaying items of your collection, this wall can also be a partition between the living room and dining room. Select a wall design that is not to block the view as a whole.
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  • Kasa non-permanent is the next choice. Its role is similar to the bulkhead wall, but made of permanent gauze or opaque. Although not as effective as wooden walls, insulation gauze enough to help break down the noise in open space.

Attach the Wall Panel
If you do not want to occlude the view in the living room is open, then the next option is to coat one of your walls with something permanent. For example, add a layer of forest with a unique texture and gorgeous on the family room wall. Sapwood can muffle the sound, while providing additional artistic touch in your living room.

In addition to wood, wall panels can also be constructed of leather or fabric that is designed with special coatings. Upholstery leather or fabric it gives a distinct feeling, because you can choose the colors and motifs that match the design of the room.
Those are some ways that you can use to dampen the sound in the family room open design. Not too hard to do right? You do not need to alter the structure of the room into significant, but the result is quite satisfactory.
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