5 Best ideas about Terraced House

Terrace house modern minimalist, mostly made narrow, unlike the mansion even on the terrace can be practiced as a living room. The minimalist design is touched with the uniqueness of his porch, not its function. You can enjoy some sort of porch design minimalist homes.

The terrace actually functions as a shade from the heat and rain so that water does not get into the mansion. The patio is also an asset to the beauty of a dwelling. The foremost thing people notice about a house is a terrace. If good, they will look at the beautiful dwelling. Thus, terrace house represents the overall architecture of your home.
Images And Techniques Modern Minimalist Terrace House Design

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The terrace house can be decorated in minimalist as beautiful and unique as possible, for example by adding natural stone accents that are straight off the trend. You do not have to concern about the narrow land due to design minimalist terrace house is not required land area. Here we insert the basic techniques of modern minimalist design terrace house creative.

1. Stairs
The existence of the stairs on the terrace will add to the impression attractive. Stairs are more suitable for home rather spacious terrace, at least have a width of 2.5 beats. Stairs should not be made as high as a mansion on stilts. Low stairs was not a problem because its use is only for decoration. Better still when the ladder is positioned in front of the park toward the porch.

2. Floor Terrace House
Various ceramic and marble floors ready to grace your porch. Of course the terrace floor should be a different color and texture of the floor. It serves as a divider without limitation. Most people prefer a color slightly darker floor terrace for fear easily soiled. The others chose terraces of textured tiles that have a lifelike impression.
Images And Techniques Modern Minimalist Terrace House Design

3. Plants for Garden Ornament
Add a few plants in cans to decorate terraces, modern minimalist home. Sanseviera or fruit crops such as transplant is really suitable to be placed on the terrace. With so the landscape becomes greener. That is if your theme minimalist house beautiful.

4. Roof Front
To append a unique feel, roof terrace you can also be designed attractively. For example, by making asymmetric multilevel roofs, or roof with the front part there is an L frame, can also make the roof terrace houses stacked triangles. With an attractive design is, the more beautiful terrace house is viewed showing the luxury of your dwelling.

5. Color Combination Terrace
Of all the rooms, terrace wall paint color always have more. For example blend of gray, red, and beige, can as well be an alloy of the two elements of the same color such as brown and beige, or a combination of blue and purple.
Images And Techniques Modern Minimalist Terrace House Design

For those who like the color challenged, usually combining contrasting color combinations. Comfortably, the colorful patio is great for a unique design with the extra line trimmer. But for modern minimalist simple terrace house is better to use a portmanteau word of two colors.
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