6 Tips for An Ideal Minimalist Kitchen

One kitchen design small type minimalist home is the kitchen Double Line, or as well known as the galley kitchen. As the name hints, this kind of kitchen layout consists of two rows lengthwise. Because the design of this kind is generally applied in a small hallway that extends to the road through a fairly narrow.

Typical characteristics Minimalist Kitchen Design
Double Line

Tips on designing a kitchen minimalist house Model of Double Line

Because the model is narrow, the kitchen layout should be planned in such a way that goods and kitchen furniture is not blocking the space for you, you can still move comfortably, as well as the kitchen room still looked a field and tidy. Kitchen layouts are normally arranged by laying a refrigerator and a washing dishes in one side of the wall, and a stove with oven in front of him.

Another feature of the course is the use of double kitchen shelf or kitchen cabinets hanging on one side and the window width model on the other side. As is known, the window becomes an important facial expression in a small kitchen-type housing, such as the minimalist kitchen design a type 36 or type 45. Because of the narrow room, the air circulation and light are important nuances are created.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips Double Line

Tips on designing a kitchen minimalist house Model of Double Line

Planning a kitchen design minimalist model of double line cannot be done haphazardly. Everything should be cautiously considered. Here are some tips that you can use:

1. Use paint wall color or monochrome light to make a broad impression. Color light gray, white, light blue or cream may be an option. For kitchen cabinets, you can use blank or light colors and wood color.

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2. Make sure the kitchen receives a sufficient light source. If the kitchen does not sustain a window with direct outdoor access, then make sure the light intensity of the lights you use sufficient.

3. Add the beauty and natural impression by putting a vase of flowers, such as in countertops, or set a basket of fruit and vegetables in a place easily visible.

4. We recommend utilizing a kitchen cabinet with a closed design, so your kitchen will look cleaner and neat, because not a lot of kitchen utensils hanging. Even so, if you use an open rack, make sure you arrange them neatly.

5. Use a kitchen cabinet or rack with a minimalist model, so that's not a great deal of space.

6. Use a transparent glass panel door to add to the feel bright and candid.
Tips on designing a kitchen minimalist house Model of Double Line

Kitchen design minimalist house type 45 or type 36 can be a pleasant area, despite being in the hallway that joins the two rooms in your home. Your creativity to plan the layout and decor will be really helpful, so all of your minimalist rooms in the house can be utilized effectively and efficiently.
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