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The breakfast is an important division of daily activities, at the moment of the breakfast, the family builds together and share about what will be done in a day. Well, for those of you who always begin the day with breakfast together, it does not hurt to allocate a special room breakfast in the kitchen of your house. The interior plan of your kitchen can be designed to give room, breakfast corner, known as the breakfast nook.
Interior design Minimalist Kitchen with Breakfast Corner

Function Breakfast Corner on Kitchen Design Simple

Although modest, the kitchen you can still designed as a cozy area, where family members can enjoy breakfast or a snack together in the morning. As the name suggests, breakfast corner or breakfast nook placed in one corner of the kitchen, with furniture consisting of a small dining table and chairs (usually running from 2 to 6, depending on the number of members who typically spend breakfast together).
Interior design Minimalist Kitchen with Breakfast Corner

Although the name breakfast corner, really sets this mini dining table has a double function. A small corner at minimalist interior design kitchen can dish out as a social hub, or the area where the family builds together in the morning or evening. In contrast to the formal dining room that impressed, breakfast corner tends to be more relaxed.

The next function is as a relaxation area. The breakfast nook is usually located in the corner of the kitchen and was designed adjacent to the window. You can design a tiny little kitchen interior design is minimalist with a window that accepts a large glass panel. Here, you can relish the outdoor scenery, such as rear park or open area outside of the window.
Interior design Minimalist Kitchen with Breakfast Corner

Breakfast Corner Furniture in Interior Design Kitchen

Furniture in breakfast corner can be taken according to the concept of your kitchen. For example, to modern-contemporary concept kitchen, you can choose the furniture in the shape of round dining table with glass and stainless steel chair minimalist design. Wooden table (natural wood or fabrication) with wicker chairs or wood chair suitable for modern-themed kitchen naturalist. As in the example below, the stainless steel table with leather chairs suitable for modern elegant themed kitchen.
Interior design Minimalist Kitchen with Breakfast Corner

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More importantly, breakfast corner in the minimalist kitchen can actually be practiced as an additional storage area. You just need to design a chair with storage space underneath. For this, you should use furniture custom made or set of tables and chairs are custom fit the size of the kitchen corner available. With additional storage space, minimalist kitchen you stay organized, as kitchen utensils or cooking equipment could be safely stacked away.
Interior design Minimalist Kitchen with Breakfast Corner

Functions and minimalist interior design of your kitchen can be maximized with the breakfast nook. The kitchen is no longer merely serves as a cooking oil production. So the end of the article about the room, breakfast corner, may be useful and inspire you.
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