Best Living Room Feature Wall Design Ideas, Remodel, Pictures and Decor

Feature wall is a creative component that is used as a focal point in a room, be it the living room, family room, bedroom, or even the dining room. Well, then what sort of design feature wall that is popular to decorate your home interior minimalist? Feature wall is not necessarily described by a striking paint color.

Artistic Minimalist Interior with Feature wall

There are some ideas that you can apply to decorating the interior of your home utilizing a feature wall. Among others are:

The wallpaper is the perfect pick to add charm and creativity in interior minimalist living room or any other room you want. Presently, the selection of wallpaper designs varies widely, ranging from minimalistic, to geometric patterns in retro style. Everything is available, and the option to modify the appearance of the abutting wall almost no limit.
You can create dramatic effects, bright, cheerful, calm, or calm by using wallpaper design. The use of wallpaper is also really simple because the walls do not have to be repainted. Moreover, because only the surface of the wall by the wallpaper, then it costs you need not be excessively large.
Featured wall design ideas for Home Interior Minimalist

Panel Wood and Natural Ingredients
Application Feature wall with wooden panels back. Trendy designs available not only vintage or retro style, sleek wood paneling and modern style are also available to fit your needs. It is estimated that the use of wood panels, trend will become increasingly popular until a few years into the hereafter. In fact, many homeowners began to look at the economic consumption of old wood, recycled wood rustic style, until the stone and brick panels for wall feature.
Featured wall design ideas for Home Interior Minimalist

Wall Mural
The frescoes may require a longer process, but the outcomes are far more artistic and charming. Painting the walls is usually created by professionals, and for that, you may have to pay more. Painting can be made according to the theme and design you require. The solution is truly personal and in accordance with the character you want to highlight.
Featured wall design ideas for Home Interior Minimalist

Wall paint
Differentiating the abutting wall paint is a trick of the most popular and has been around a long time. Although it looks simple, the effect can be quite dramatic to create the perfect focal point in your home interior design. Generally, the colors used in contrast with the residuum of the wall paint color. For example, if paint the walls of the room dominated by soft colors, the feature wall painted with solid colors.
You can also work with more creative paint patterns, for example, paint the walls with vertical pattern to create the effect of high and airy. However, the selection of the design and color of the paint must be adapted to other elements, such as the furniture in the room, hence the results remain harmonious and balanced.

This is a minimalist interior design tricks enough
simple. You can use the furniture, such as bookshelves in the living room, rack in the living room, to the dining table in the dining room for a feature wall. For example, you can order a high bookshelf right in the middle of the wall to make it a focal point. Instead, you can arrange the dining table is adjacent to the wall and hang a few location themed food as a focal point in the dining room.

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Regardless of design feature wall that you choose, let the passion you have a part. So, the minimalist interior design will truly reflect your personality.
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