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Minimalist house has become one of the homes that are in large demand in the market today. This is not surprising because the minimalist house has a nice design and in accordance with the demands of urban communities. In addition, one of the advantages of a minimalist home, namely in terms of a very low-cost price. Minimalist home is at a price tag that is cheap, considering its size that is not too full, but nevertheless a minimalist house has been adjusted to the needs of today's society. For those of you who are interested to have a minimalist house, minimalist home following may be a citation for you.

One minimalist design that receives the look alluring is minimalist concept Contemporary. Minimalist home is easy to compound with various concepts, including the contemporary concept. Contemporary concept itself is often in combination in home design minimalist, contemporary concept itself has temple very simple and refined. When viewed from the outside, the concept seems almost similar to the contemporary home design looks vintage but more simple.
Minimalist House Design Contemporary Concept

Contemporary Minimalist Home Design With Simple

The house with a minimalist contemporary design or concept does provide a touch and a different picture of your home. Usually contemporary minimalist concept is applied to the outside of the home, it is very visible from a wide selection of paint colors which usually uses a combination of two colors of paint only. Color paint used is itself a combination of soft color or tend to be rather dark colors such as white, brownish, black or cream. The combination of these colors will render the impression of a simple on your contemporary home, so the impression would be far more contemporary feel to your home.
Minimalist House Design Contemporary Concept

In addition to strengthening the contemporary and simple, you can add a garden at the front of your home. The existence of this park itself also will strengthen the contemporary concept in your home, in addition to the park will also supply fresh air around your home. It would be safer if the garden was given plant grass and several other ornamental plants to make your home into a contemporary look good and beautiful.

Home Contemporary Natural

Minimalist House Design Contemporary Concept

Besides can be in combination with the concept of contemporary, minimalist home also can combine with the three concepts at one time that the concept of a minimalist, contemporary and natural. Combined, these three concepts will bring on new designs that house Contemporary Natural. The house with a design like this has a simple display with the accession of several elements, one of which is natural stone elements. Natural stone will indeed yield the impression of a natural at home, to apply yourself, you can use natural stone on the exterior walls of your house.

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In addition, will give a natural impression, the utilization of natural stone on the walls of the house will also make the walls of your home to be more durable, because the natural stone is resistant to mold though exposed to heat and rain. In addition to throwing a natural impression of your contemporary home, you can also apply the park at the front of your house. Their garden is very necessary for every home to provide clean and cool air for the occupants of the house.

Thus the discussion near the Contemporary, minimalist design concept that we can provide to you, may be useful and could be one of the reference design for you. How you are interested in trying to design the above? Yet a lot of design and home decor more interesting here you can see and use as a reference.
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