Design and Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

Owning a small house type, such as type 36 or type 45, do you have to be smart in negotiating the division of space. Minimalist house 2 rooms generally only ideal for families with 2 kids. One room was allocated to the primary room and one room for children. Well, the room sketch minimalist home for children below will assist you in planning the layout of furniture required. Thusly, a child's room, smaller in area can be neatly arranged.

Sample Room Sketch Minimalist For Children

Indeed, planning a child's room layout is not excessively complicated. Yet, sometimes the children you may want privacy for 'arena, each, especially if your child's age adrift pretty much the same as each other. Here are 3 options sketch room, small houses to facilitate you:

1. Sketch Minimalist Kids Room Twin Sharing
In this sketch, two pieces of a child's bed is located separately in two parallel side walls. Such designs suitable for youngsters with the same gender. A set of study table consisting of two chairs placed as a centrifuge. With these designs, the two children you do not induce their own privacy. That is, they still have scope to shoot the breeze.
3 Room Sketch Minimalist For Two Children

Two sets of wardrobe placed near the entrance. And then when the room door was opened from the outside, it is visible is the wardrobe. Minimalist sketch of a child's room as this could be the solution to room boys are usually less refined. Selection of the rooms is very minimalist furniture, where there are simply two sets of children's beds, two wardrobes and a desk.

2. Children Minimalist Multipurpose Room Sketch Two sets (waplag)
In the example below sketch minimalist room, child's room layout was not designed with high privacy. As with previous designs, such as the layout is suitable for youngsters with the same gender. Two sets of bed in the midriff of the room are placed parallel to the room, while the two sets of wardrobe placed on two sides of the face to the wall.
3 Room Sketch Minimalist For Two Children

3 Room Sketch Minimalist For Two Children

Both kids also have desks each, and both are placed adjacent to the window as a source of natural light. In the example design this room, there is a toilet in the room, also with two doors. As in the following figure, the first door straight to the commode and sink, while the second door to the shower room. Spacious bathroom and shower rooms connected by doors with blinds or curtains.

3. Sketch Child's Room with Privacy
In the example sketch small hospital room, children's room designed with twin sharing. However, the concept is a bit different, to wit with more privacy. Two lots of bunk beds placed on two walls parallel. Only two sets of desks set up lengthwise to form 'bulkhead'. Such plans could be an option for two children with different genders. Moreover, the layout of the rooms are designed as usual.
3 Room Sketch Minimalist For Two Children

The bathroom is located on the left side of the entrance, watched by a wardrobe on the left and right. The seams are also arranged in parallel on the left and right, while the desks are arranged in the middle of a separation.

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Of course, in addition to three-room house minimalist sketch above, you can even be creative according to available space and preferences of the child. In a small room, simply locate the necessary furniture, such as beds, cabinets, and desks. You can also use the concept of vertical wardrobe if you demand more storage space.
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