Green and Minimalist Home Design For Healthy and Beauty Life

The idea of ​​the healthy occupancy and green nuances started many considered and utilized by modern society. The concept of green living is starting to involve almost all aspects of society, ranging from diet, workplace, up to occupancy. Well, how to give the concept of green living in a minimalist home design in an urban environment? Here are 5 simple solution, to induce your home more healthy and environmentally friendly.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

Tips minimalist design with Green Living

1. Use System Environmental Friendly
This is the first thing you need to see if you want to get healthy home design minimalist, green, and environmentally friendly. However, keep in mind that the 'sustainability' here is not necessarily identical with the installation of solar panels along the home or dwelling at all without the use of electricity.
You can begin from small things, such as the use of water-saving shower as well as power-efficient electronic devices. Application of sustainable systems can also be executed by using the systems and equipment that is more efficient financially in the long run.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

2. Apply Minimalist Concept
Green living concept also applies the rule of less is more: it is, the more minimalist, the better. His time was no longer a luxury all-round occupancy, with a miscellany of furniture and decorations are sparkling. The modern trendsetters focus more on things that are more minimalist aesthetic.
Like the concept of modern minimalist house, the primary priority is the function. When you enter a room in the house, then bring a look and evaluate whether the objects you put in its useless or just a 'display' who spend a lot of places.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

3. Use Recycled Products
At once, the recycled product is no longer synonymous with 'junk.' Reusing old items is one of the principal components of the concept of green living. Before you resolve to get rid of old objects, unused, why not 'conjure' into something different?
For exemplar, you visa juggles a wardrobe worn into a table, or using secondhand goods, such as bottles, into a display or pot. With a little creativity, you can reuse old material.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

4. Use of Natural Materials
When buying goods for your minimalist interior design, as much as possible, choose one that is drawn from natural materials. That is, you choose the elements are made from renewable resources, such as wooden furniture, countertop made of marble, utensils of clay, or natural rock floors.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

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The objects of natural textiles are increasingly popular, even the price tends to be more expensive than the objects of material fabrication. You can also consider shopping in a store provider of goods second hand.
Provided you are keen in choosing, not unacceptable to get quality goods at lower prices.

5. Let your Residential One with the World Affairs
Lastly, you can design a minimalist design that blends the external world into your dwelling. For example, you can use the large windows so that natural light and fresh air could bring into the room. There is no harm in using a glass door with spacious and bright panels to minimize the use of electricity at the same time bring in the feel of the outside into your dwelling.
Minimalist house design idea for a green and healthy

Those are some ideas that you can apply for home design minimalist green and healthy, based on the concept green living. Contribute to the nature and future by implementing environmentally friendly lodging. Good luck guys!
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