Home Interior Decorated with Rainbow Theme

Rainbow always been a source of inspiration for many people, because the magic and beauty that is conveyed. Nevertheless, do you know if it turns out the rainbow can be a source of inspiration for your home decorating minimalist? Bright colors can turn over a bright and lively effect on the interior of your home. Of course, you do not ask to paint the whole wall of the house with red green yellow like a rainbow. Nevertheless, you can apply it to some elements or any room in the house to create a different impression.

Minimalist Home Decor ideas with Rainbow Scene

Then, anywhere you can apply a rainbow theme to adorn your interior decor minimalist home? Here is some inspiration for you:

Rainbow Themed Bathroom
The first place to head is the bathroom. These private areas are generally only practiced by family members. If you or your kids like the idea of ​​this unique decoration, the bathroom can be a space of expression. Choose a colorful ceramic consisting of white, crimson, green, and yellow. Apply form a chess pattern with gradations ranging from red, yellow, and unripened.
If you do not fix a ceramic with a base color like this, then the white-painted ceramics manually can be an alternative. The idea of ​​a unique bathroom that seemed bright, upbeat, and happy as it can apply in the child's bedroom.
Unique Minimalist home decor with the latest Rainbow Theme

Living room
Maybe you recall that the theme of the rainbow in the living room will give the impression of excessive, do not you? Certainly not if you are creative in the right places. The beaut of the colors of the rainbow can you sugarcane to your beloved family or guests who berkunjng to your home by applying it in the abutting wall, which acts as the focal point in the living room or family room.

You can paint the walls abutting rainbow colors are non too bright so that the impression is not excessive. Likewise, make sure the other colors painted with bright colors such as white to create a wonderful contrast to the Unique interior minimalist home. The next option is to place a rainbow themed painting which size is not too big on the wall fulcrum.

The dining room
The dining room is accented with rainbow will provide spirit for you and your family eat breakfast and dinner. As shown in the following figure, you can use the rainbow colors along the surrounding wainscoting. The impression is not excessive because the walls are painted white, moving over the impression remains roomy.
Unique Minimalist home decor with the latest Rainbow Theme

As shown in the picture above, dining room furniture with a combination of white, orange, and yellow produce a more vibrant shade.

For some people, a bookshelf in the office or study room is the theatrical role that is not interesting. Do you also think so? Well, why not prepare it more attractive and unique? All you need is not a bookcase painted colors like a rainbow. Even so, what is needed is your creativity in composing your collection of books.

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If you own a large collection of books, then arrange the formation of the rainbow, with red background organize all the books on the top shelf, yellow book on the second shelf, and a green book on the third shelf, and so on. The solution is a bookcase with a beautiful rainbow effect.

Children's bedrooms
The next most ideal situation to apply the rainbow theme is a child's bedroom. Children are really admiring the rainbow. Application of this root word will make the children feel at home in his room. For a child's bedroom, you can combine several brightly colored components. No harm in that, really. For example, pairs of sheets, bedcovers, or a rainbow motif rug.
Unique Minimalist home decor with the latest Rainbow Theme

Those are some unique ways to utilize the theme rainbow
Minimalist decor of your house. Inspired? Or do you have another thought? Congratulations to create and hopefully this article useful.
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