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Using the wall mural is one option decor is simple yet artistic to modern kitchen design, vintage, and definitive. Unlike the wallpaper installed affixed to the walls, wall murals painted at once. Thence, the shades produced more artistic and attractive. Withal, the selection of concepts, patterns, and colorful wall mural is basically the same as the wallpaper selection.
Modern kitchen design ideas with Wall Murals and artistic

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas with Wall Mural

Ownership of the actual mural wall design should be done more selectively, for painting walls require considerable cost and often cannot be put back. Well, here are some ideas, wall mural designs and motifs that you can apply:

Cheerful Paintings Shown with food.
Mightily, the idea of ​​decorating the most modern kitchen design is to use a food-themed wallpaper, ranging from fruits, vegetables, drinks, and food menu. In accession to the thick atmosphere of the kitchen, the food theme is always synonymous with cheerful colors. For example, almost all fruits have attractive colors, ranging from red, green, yellowish, to purple. Likewise, the color green leafy vegetables or leafy vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and red pepper.
Modern kitchen design ideas with Wall Murals and artistic

Go Classic with a floral theme.
Floral themes, such as roses, tulips, and the like are always synonymous with the themes of vintage or classic. Easily, you can highlight the modern kitchen design by using a classic flower-themed wall mural. Typically, the motifs used are small and scattered, thus it looks like wallpaper.
In addition to floral motif, kitchen classic shades should be substantiated by the selection of wall paint colors and furniture accordingly. As depicted in the example below, the kitchen is a classic theme seemed obvious to use the basic colors of white and blue and green color variations and wooden furniture.
Modern kitchen design ideas with Wall Murals and artistic

Exhibited with the Creative Cooking Equipment.
In addition to the food theme, the subject of the next wall murals that you can try is the cooking equipment. Conditions are made equally, IE with a strong feel of the kitchen activity. The difference is, the idea of the cooking equipment is showing that you are creative and feel at home in the kitchen.

Shown Fresh with green plants.
In addition to cost-themed wall of vegetables and fruits, you can likewise create a sense of fresh and cool in the kitchen with cheap wall of green plants, ranging from water plants and wood. To be sure, the green nouns will create a peaceful ambiance in your kitchen.

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Wall murals are the right choice as a focal point in the kitchen. Your horizons will be immediately drawn to the beautiful paintings upon entering the room the kitchen. The energy radiated will affect your lifespan. And then, make sure you choose a wall mural that suits your taste to decorate modern kitchen design. Also, attain sure you adjust the color selection of painting with other colors, such as paint the walls and floor, so the harmony in the kitchen space is maintained.
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