Minimalist house design size 6 x 12 m

Earlier in this post will discuss around the minimalist design size 6 x 12 m. In building a mansion in an area of ​​72m2 this one designed precisely and accurately to meet the needs of the homeowner. Despite holding a very narrow land constraints, and division for each room in a minimalist home is adapted to the size of the land and buildings that will be created is 6 x 12 m, illustrations minimalist design size 6 x 12 m as follows:
Minimalist house design size 6 x 12 m latest
Minimalist house design size 6 x 12 m latest

Image Minimalist looks ahead are colored with various blend some fresh color on the wall. As easily as using the pole elongated tubes would get the impression of dynamic and not rigid and can adjust existing small terrace. Although narrow, but even so there is a small garden with dry grass and one tree to beautify the home. In choosing trees also should not be arbitrary because one can choose trees not embellish obtained, but can exacerbate the appearance of restaurants, spruce is the right choice

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Do not forget to add an ornament more to enhance the show, such as the use of natural stone ornaments and marble, which can be an alternative beauty minimalist home is. Aside from the minimalist exterior photo above, there is also a minimalist design plan size 6 x 12 m below:
Minimalist house design size 6 x 12 m latest

Now it can be found out in the picture above minimalist house plans, it can be seen that the minimalist design specifications Size 6 x 12 m area:

1. garden (front and inside)
2. carport
3. family room
4. living room
5. Dua bedroom
6. washing place
7. kitchen
8. the dining room
9. two bathrooms

So the discussion about minimalist design size 6 x 12 mm that is given to you, may be useful and could be a reference design for you. There is still a good deal of information from these other blogs here you can see. Thank you for visiting and read the blog article here.
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