Minimalist House Design with Elongated Shapes Backward

Minimalist home in the modern era has become a trend in itself. Many small families who prefer a small house or minimalist to have the solace of a house. And for those of you who have a narrow and elongated land you certainly do not necessitate to be confused because you can make a minimalist home elongated with 2 or 3 floors. Certainly a home like this is a challenge for the homeowner and his family. The house is narrow and elongated indeed become a backbone for the family, especially small family new first years of marriage.
Latest Designs Of Narrow Elongated, Minimalist Home

For this time a house on land that is narrow and elongated but could have far to the privileged. Inspirational as is of course already underway and many have made, particularly in the northern part of Europe and America. The long, narrow house design would provide a more comfortable atmosphere, and certainly awe unique design of his house. Design inspiration like this are essential in the preserve and continue to build up in the future with over time and the advancement of technology.

Narrow Living Room With Wood Floors

Latest Designs Of Narrow Elongated, Minimalist Home

In addition you can also apply a narrow interior of your home with a more elegant floor premises ie wood or marble floors. Only this time with a wooden floor that is more suitable for this long narrow house. Because the interior with hardwood floors make the atmosphere and then much cooler as in mountainous areas, despite the fact your home in urban areas.
With the utilization of wood flooring also makes the interior of your home is more work and nuanced art. Therefore, you need to prepare your budget more to make your living space more comfortable and refined.

Cramped Kitchen And Dining Room With Modern Mini Bar

Latest Designs Of Narrow Elongated, Minimalist Home

That is, you can utilize the latest design with the mini bar in the kitchen and the dining room is cramped. For limited space, of course you do not give up because there are other ways that you can utilize in your narrow house.
One of them with a design like this would certainly facilitate you in designing the kitchen and dining room so much more elegant and kontempoter. This design is so narrow house can still be used.

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So the end of the discussion on this occasion, I hope these designs can be the best design and is suitable for your inspiration in the future. Please can you try and among other design here. And thank you to those of you who've read it.
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