Model Design Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Hanging

Choosing a minimalist kitchen design is not easy. The reason, many appliances and kitchenware that you need to deliver it so well that even the smallest size kitchen still looks neat. Sometimes, the room available for the kitchen is very modest, so it takes intelligence to design the interior design.

  1. The idea for the Storage Rack Kitchen Design Minimalist

Tips On Choosing A Shelf In Accordance With The Minimalist Kitchen Design

One of the easiest ways to organize the kitchen interior views is to select the appropriate storage shelves. Even so, not only the size of the kitchen you should consider in choosing a kitchen shelf. You should also consider the concept or theme of your kitchen interior. Certainly it would seem strange if the modern style kitchen shelf filled with classic style, and vice versa.

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Well, here is some inspiration in selecting storage shelves to decorate your simple minimalist kitchen design.

Shelves Wood / Rattan
Open shelves made of wood or rattan is simple enough for a small kitchen, because the skeleton is small, so it does not need a large space. Nonetheless, no suitable style kitchen with wood or rattan shelf. Shelves of this model should be utilized in the kitchen nuanced craftsman, vintage, or classic. Sea-themed kitchen or cottage style houses can also be decorated with shelves made of wood or rattan.

Hanging shelf
Hanging shelves or floating shelf can not solely be used to decorate the living room or family room, but also to design a minimalist kitchen. You can make a multilevel shelf above the cabinet as needed. Arrange the items that are rarely used at the upper side, while the bottom is used for items that are often used.
Tips On Choosing A Shelf In Accordance With The Minimalist Kitchen Design
modern shelf
The main characteristic of modern minimalist kitchen design is uncomplicated and compact design. Likewise, in the selection of storage media. Different from the country kitchen or vintage shades synonymous with open shelves for displaying objects and the singular collection of classics, modern or contemporary kitchen synonymous with closed storage media. The model most often used is a closet-rise with enclosed design, so that the display looks quick and clean kitchen.

hidden shelf
For a small kitchen, you can stick around the storage by using a hidden shelf. Model racks used depending on the space useable. The alternative is a hidden shelf embedded in the wall. As in the painting below, hidden storage racks at the entrance to the kitchen. Area door is not closed by the door, but left undecided and one side is planted with hidden shelf that can be pulled in and out.
Tips On Choosing A Shelf In Accordance With The Minimalist Kitchen Design

Actually, on that point are many models of the storage rack that you can use to keep a minimalist kitchen design still looks neat and beautiful. If your kitchen has breakfast corner, you can use a board or a chair with storage underneath, so the need for cabinets or shelves can be minimized.
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