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Minimalist home design has a unique concept that not only makes different models of home, but also has a roof that very trend. If you want to employ a minimalist home design, then study some characters roofs suitable for you to apply to the exterior design of your home. Because not all roof types you can use to design a minimalist house. So ahead you move house, you should think first of good design to the roof of your house. In addition to thinking about it, you also require to know the model and material of the roofing.
Minimalist House Exterior Design For The Latest

Some types of roofing used for minimalist homes include homes with fiber material. Fiber fabric is the roof that we often see in some minimalist home. Characters fiber is very suited to form a minimalist house, so it is often used. Home design minimalist first floor, has the features of a high building in asymmetrical roof shape. The building houses typically use exterior colors are shining. Orange-yellow color combined with some other colors such as white, green and gray give cheerful impression.

Bright colors are not just used in exterior paints, but the use of interior paints also uses bright colors colorful. You can select several colors to suit your space. If your room is narrow, then you should use bright colors, but you still may combine it with other colors. In addition to the coloring is good, and so you should also think of suitable furniture. For a minimalist house design type 21, you can use the furniture is furniture that does not hold up much space. If necessary, you can put down and using a ledge on the wall so that the room does not seem cramped.

Use of Roof Right for minimalist design

Minimalist house design, to the exterior, particularly the use of the roof, usually using materials other than zinc. Because zinc material is not suited for the design of this house. In some places, you may never see it, but because of the use of zinc for the roof has many shortcomings it is now very rarely employed. By using the roofs of zinc, and so the house will feel hot and fast roof rusty and this of course will make the appearance of the house becomes less beautiful. Only if you have to use zinc, zinc paints that you should match the color of your exterior house paint.
Minimalist House Exterior Design For The Latest

In addition to applying a roof made of zinc, minimalist house design also uses material from the roof tile or clay. Some tile pressed, the cap can be elegant if the color choices fitting. To make homes healthy, then this house require the incoming sunlight in every room. So that the glass tile is also very necessary to beat a healthy home. Home design minimalist first floor requires a lot of lighting, it is very important because you will be more visible space width to deliver lots of light.
Minimalist House Exterior Design For The Latest

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Nowadays, many people are more interested in employing a minimalist house design, because the presence of a minimalist home has several advantages. These advantages among other things, easier to maintain, because the minimalist design does not have a great deal of space and do not have a lot of curves in shape. And then it is very easy for you to clean this minimalist house. Minimalist house design type 36, is currently the type most widely inhabited by a modest family. By using some painting system and the option of a nice interior, then the intention is pretty minimalist home can be yours.
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