Modern House Plan with 2nd Floor

The mansion today, that already has a type and its own concept. Thither is a type 21, type 24, type 36 and type 72. The concept there is also there is also a classic, minimalist to luxurious. Determine the type and extent of the concept, the image of the shape and atmosphere of the building you are living to occupy. The type of house that now got down to rage is a type 36 with a minimalist concept. But did you recognize the comparison minimalist design 2-storey house type 36 with type 36-storey 1? Here are recaps of the comparison.

Comparing Design House 2nd Floor with 1 Floor

Comparing Design House 2nd Floor with 1 Floor

1. Number of occupants
Grounded on the number of residents who fill the house, two floors house design minimalist type 36 had a number more than the 36-storey house type 1. Of course, this is based on building area that can be used by any member of your household.
House type 36 with two floors can hold a family of more than 3 people consisting of a couple and a child or more. As for a type 36 to the first floor can only be occupied by a brace and a child.

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2. The amount of space required is minimal
The house as a dwelling place to rest, it has a very functional space and have different characteristics.
2-storey house design minimalist type 36 had were pretty much consists of front garden, a car, a living room, family room, kitchen,
bathroom, mom and dad, 2 kids room and backyard. For minimal house type 36 with one floor only has a front garden, a car, room mom, dad, john, kitchen, children's room, a backyard and a functional space that could be for guests and family. But for the vast room where the child can be alleged to be very narrow. And then clearly visible differences from some of the rooms were not completely on one story home.
Comparing Design House 2nd Floor with 1 Floor

3. The cost of purchase
Price can not deceive. The price for the 2-storey house design minimalist type 36 can be said to be more expensive than the monetary value of minimal house design type 36 with one floor.

The comparison of diverse data, can be read to be a minimalist home design 2 floor type 36 when compared with the minimalist house type 36 with the first floor has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence depending on your condition will choose which one.
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