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Layout kitchen in your house is very important, not only to produce the artistic and neat appearance, but also to determine the freedom of space for you for a long day in the kitchen. Minimalist design kitchen space will inhibit your space when loaded with luggage or furniture that are not conformed. His condition will be worsened if the furniture, such as kitchen sets, were not placed at the corresponding position.

Essentially, there are three areas that must be in the kitchen, the storage area, cooking materials preparation area, either washing or dispensing, and a cooking area. Considerably, the third position this area will determine the space or workflow in the kitchen. Therefore, the layout of the kitchen should be ordered in such a way, adapted to the space available, the existing furniture, as well as the desired design.

Inspiration for Residential Kitchen Room Design

Here are some design inspiration kitchen space that you can try:

Kitchen Layout Model L
Model L is the most popular layouts, and typically use one corner of the kitchen, because the kitchen set is set up using two side walls, so it looks like the letter L. If you want to design a modest kitchen and dining room in the same room, then the model L is a choice , because it can save space.
Types Of Layout Design For Residential Kitchen Space You

Kitchen Layout Model I
I model kitchen popular small-sized residential, home-like minimalist type 36. The kitchen design is characterized by the use of such kitchen set straight model, then only use one side only. This model is also suitable for the plan of the dining room blends with the kitchen.
Types Of Layout Design For Residential Kitchen Space You

Kitchen Layout Double Line Model
Hardly like the name suggests, this kitchen layout looks like two straight lines. More often than not, this kind of kitchen design is used in the kitchen located in the hallway elongated and tend to narrow. Kitchen sets and other furniture are arranged parallel using two side walls facing each other.
Types Of Layout Design For Residential Kitchen Space You

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Kitchen Layout Model Island
This kitchen design as popular in houses with European or American. As the name suggests, the purpose of the kitchen formed the island, the furniture is arranged around the side wall 3-4, plus the furniture (usually tables or dining table set) in the middle to form the island. This design is desirable for a kitchen large enough.
Types Of Layout Design For Residential Kitchen Space You

Layout Kitchen models G and U
Layout as is likewise ideal for the kitchen with a large area, so that the arrangement of the three main areas in the kitchen can be made more flexible.
Types Of Layout Design For Residential Kitchen Space You

In other words, the choice of the design of the kitchen space should be selected carefully, so the nuances shown remains ideal and you can move freely. And then, which layout you choose?
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