Simple Shabby Chic and Cottage Decorating Ideas

In recent years, the world of interior design fever-stricken Shabby Chic. What is "Shabby Chic"? Literally, it means shabby and stylish. But make no mistake prejudiced, "shabby" in interior design is not meant for something ugly and trashy. In the Shabby Chic, Shabby be interpreted with antique, quaint and classic. The interior pattern is a simple kitchen themed Shabby Chic is perfect for you who spirited romantic and feminine. Because Shabby Chic design synonymous with the game of soft colors and floral motives.

Interior Design Kitchen Simple with Shades of Romance

Interior Design Kitchen Simple Shabby Chic

How do I coordinate the kitchen in order to Shabby Chic style is romantic? Here is his review below:

Pastel colored walls

In the conception of "Shabby Chic", choose soft colors such as pastels. Namely pastel colors such as light blue, pink, beige, and other colors that are not excessively far from subtle and feminine. Bright pastel colored walls will give far-reaching effects on your minimalist kitchen. The soft colors will also affect you and your family to remain subdued in her affections.

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In the pastel colored walls, you may add a small motif of white blooms. Because the white color was suitable for "mated" with pastel colors. Motive small size is the authentication of a minimalist kitchen that does not need too much to ask frills on it.
Interior Design Kitchen Simple Shabby Chic

The antique furnishings

The interior design is a simple, minimalist kitchen nuanced "Shabby Chic" does not necessarily have to be punctuated with antique furniture are super expensive. Antique here means that the old stuff, but it delivers a good aesthetic value. You do not need to purchase a new kitchen furniture from the antique collectors. You but need to check the contents of your warehouse, if there are any used furniture that is still feasible to use there?

If there is, try to be impressed his little creation classic. For exemplar, you find a wooden cabinet. You can paint it over with white or pastel colors and grace it with flower ornament. You can also lay a linen cloth floral ornament on a certain side of the cabinet.
Interior Design Kitchen Simple Shabby Chic

Indirect lamps and chandeliers

If your kitchen there is a dining table, you may put a chandelier in it. Or you can put a chandelier in the particular wall. Indirect lighting are also suited for use in this design. For illumination in the "Shabby Chic" usually tend to blur. Only if they affect the way your vision, you can still wear ordinary lamp that looks antique.
Interior Design Kitchen Simple Shabby Chic

Good luck interior design simple kitchen-style "Shabby Chic", Guaranteed you and your family will be more comfortable to be in the kitchen for warmth and lovingly offered by minimalist kitchen design style "Shabby Chic".
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