The Best Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas

Despite its modest size, the bathroom plays a very important role in your dwelling. Thus, interior decoration, bathrooms also need special attention. Small bathroom design minimalist style indeed is a trend, but there are times when you feel the bathrooms are predominantly white shades just monotonous. And then, it would not hurt you to be creative by giving a special touch to your bathroom looks energetic and characterless.

Bathroom Interior Decorating Energetic and Character

Latest Bathroom Interior decoration

The bathrooms are energized and character are not necessarily dominated by strong colors. Nevertheless, there are several ways that you can apply to create a modern bathroom decor is full of energy and character. Here are some of them below:

Playing with Pattern
Bathrooms often escape our attention when applying the designs are interesting. In fact, with a certain pattern, a room will appear more alive and energetic. Similarly with your bathroom. So, if your bathroom already given a plain paint, then try some of the following points:

  • Use curtains or blinds with interesting patterns, you can use a shower curtain with a horizontal or vertical stripe design.
  • Hanging towels with bright colors.
  • Hanging a painting with an interesting color or a contrasting color frame as a work of artistry.

The third case above can give the impression of living in the bathroom without the need to incur huge costs for renovations or repainting.
Latest Bathroom Interior decoration

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Ceramic Protective Wall
Ceramic protective wall (baseboard) is not only needed in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. The baseboard serves to protect the wall from splashes or water leak. Thusly, the walls of the bathroom are not quickly obsolete and moldy due to exposure to moist air. Well, you can select the baseboard with interesting patterns, so that your bathroom will look more energetic and characterless.

In fact, today you can find a baseboard with unique motifs, such as fish motifs, flowers, beasts and other motifs. Nevertheless, if you are planning a small bathroom decorating, you should avoid baseboard motif is too crowded, because it will give a full impression in your bathroom.

Color combinations available
Vivid colors and gentle, certainly unsightly, because it makes the bathroom seem clean and airy. Nevertheless, try to balance the bright colors with a darker color to give the impression richer. Bit color combination will avoid the feel stiff in the bathroom, and will not attain the small bathroom seem dark.

For instance, you can use white color on the upper walls and dark gray on the bottom wall. Next, place the furniture, like a cabinet, classic white, so as to produce the feel of an artistic contrast.

screen Bulkhead
Screen divider can be installed in the bathroom. Even so, you have to be smart to choose screens that will be used, because it can make a small bathroom seem cramped. For instance, you could try a perforated septum. Choose a color screen that commensurate with the door frame or skirting board. You can as well install a non-permanent bulkhead which can be moved.
Latest Bathroom Interior decoration

Those are some ways you can attempt to create a sense of life and full of energy in the minimalist bathroom. Hopefully this article useful and move you in designing your home bathroom.
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