Tips For Building Minimalist Backyard Designst

Having a garden in a home is a plus among other houses, especially in urban areas are very thick and hot. Parks for a house can be an addition to aesthetics, prestige, value of its own, a place of rest and a break to unwind after work, the recreational playground for small fries, a family gathering when a holiday location. And of course, with a garden in the area will house menjadika home atmosphere more in tune with nature, giving oxygen supply in the house and make a cool atmosphere by the leaves of green plants.

Maintaining the garden in the house is not the same with the gardening. Because it owns a park means trying to close plants and nature into our homes. While focused on planting the garden, taking crops for everyday functions. A garden must necessarily feasible and give a charm for visitors to stop, in contrast to the garden that cannot serve as a breathing place.

Rear Garden Design House

As seating is sometimes placed in the commons in front of the house in the form of the front page. However, the arrangement of a garden in the front yard makes the lack of privacy, it would be better if the garden behind the house to be maximized rather than on the front page. Enough for the front page with green grass, a few potted plants and close to greenery. No need to leave the tree in the front yard to keep it open and gave the feeling area.
Creating a backyard garden Design minimalist house latest

The house with a minimalist design that does not mean can not have a garden in the backyard. Lack of space can be tricked with plants or vines clinging to the back wall of the home. Avoid plants with a taproot that tend to form large tree. Wildlife in the area behind the house is usually also used as a seat to hang clothes, exercise, and rest enjoying the fresh air desires.

Rear Garden Plants Minimalist

Some plants are very suitable to be practiced as a garden plant, but some types of even less precise. One thing to note is the physique of the garden area and lighting from solar sources for future plant will grow to follow the direction of the sun.
Creating a backyard garden Design minimalist house latest

The type of plant that is widely practiced as a park, among others, ornamental grasses. Plants such as roses and orchids. Green ornamental plants in pots that can work as an absorber of air pollution, such as Sanseviera, Betel and some other plants that you can find on the internet.

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To land a minimalist garden with many trees need not even quite one tree as a shade plant. Even if nothing is actually not a problem because the principal goal is to give the home garden green and pollution free atmosphere and not make forests or plantations in the house.

The fish pond Minimalist

One idea of ​​the park is the most sought water garden pond. The pool water will provide an air of coolness and freshness of the garden. Moreover, when designed in the conformation of a fountain or flowing water channel makes the impression of peace of mind. The pond in the garden can also be utilized as a medium for fish rearing. Another choice is to provide aquatic plants in the pond.
Creating a backyard garden Design minimalist house latest

Maintenance gardens Home

Maintaining the garden in the house around the same as maintaining gardens and plants outside the home, should be diligent watering, keeping the course of the disease and keep clean in order to maintain its beauty and comfort. If you are the type of the great unwashed who are not good at taking care of the plants or the garden is better to put the plant pot or are easy to maintain in your garden. Or if you deliver more money and indeed the garden Maintained spacious enough to hire the services of a gardener.
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