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As is known, put forward the concept of minimalist simplicity, practicality, and symmetry. No wonder, if the interior designer is recommending the use of neutral colors, such as beige, brown, or white, especially for small kitchen plans. Because the space available is very small. If you use a strong color such as black or navy blue, the effect will be very gloomy and stuffy.

Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen Design with Color Stabilo

However, right you should always use soft colors such? Must not the answer. Because the kitchen is an area where your day leads off. So, the kitchen should be designed with a minimalist design, small kitchen right, but still exudes the spirit and energy. One way is to use a stabilo colors, otherwise known as neon colors.

Characteristic of neon colors are bright shiny colors. The basic colors are used varies as light blue for calm exudes a calm sea as blue, green colors to emit natural shades, orange color that exudes creativity, or red color that exudes warmth.

Nevertheless, the design selection kitchenette with colorful highlighter This must be done carefully so as not to damage your dwelling themed concept is minimalist, and does not make your kitchen seem bleak and even 'mysterious.'
Unique Kitchen Design Inspiration With The Color Of Stabilo

Tips for Choosing Colors for Kitchen Design Minimalist Stabilo

Here are some points that you can apply to get a pretty little kitchen design with colorful highlighter or neon colors:

1. Do not apply a highlighter on the overall color of the kitchen. For instance, if you use neon colored kitchen set, you should use a brightly colored paint on the walls, and vice versa.

2. Combine neon color with color neutralizing or balancing. The main choices are white and beige.

3. Avoid mixing more than two fluorescent colors, to avoid the impression of contrast.
Unique Kitchen Design Inspiration With The Color Of Stabilo

4. Instead, use a particular idea for your kitchen. For example, a blend of sand and blue highlighter colors will get a marine theme; a blend of beige and white produces citrus theme; blend green and brown sand (wood) Produces natural themes, and thus on.

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5. Strengthen the theme you've produced with the appropriate accessories or equipment. For example, as an ornament of fresh plants, or marine animal-themed gear, or themed artificial fruit juice, according to the composition of your kitchen.

6. Use kitchen set design is bare, without a lot of accents, so it does not seem excessive.

7. Provide enough ventilation to air and light, so that your kitchen even fresher.

Essentially, a small kitchen design or neon colored highlighter color will not damage your minimalist concept. What is required is your creativity in the mix and match colors, so your kitchen still looks balanced and enjoyable.
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