Exterior Front Canopy Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Canopy or ceiling that is outside the home has a function to provide shade along the inside of the house. Not just that, the shelter can also banish the rain hit the house directly to the exterior of the dwelling is not easily damaged.
Material canopy is very diverse, there are made of tiles, wood, fabric, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastic, concrete, zinc, and fiber cement. The shape of any variety can be adapted to the shape and concept of home. Here are some movies of model canopy that can be an inspiration for homeowners minimalist.

In the minimalist homes are small, generally makes a canopy made in the carport to protect the vehicle from the hot sun and rain. Examples such as image model of a canopy over it. As a frame and resting, the material used is an iron material that has been welded and painted.
No one made a canopy attached to the wall, but there is also designed it to stand alone. The materials most often used as a carport canopy material minimalist house itself is polycarbonate, vinyl, and plastic.
Pictures Of The Latest Minimalist House Canopy Model

The canopy model image above is one exemplar of which is made to attach to or fused with the body of the house, so it is no longer needed to sustain the use of poles. The canopy design is in accordance with the minimalist concept of occupancy.
Canopy made from the wood shingle or appear more beautiful and in line with the provision of white chocolate along with accent lines matching the color of the house. On it, written two daylights' as a medium of good lighting at night.
Pictures Of The Latest Minimalist House Canopy Model

Pics of models designed to overhang canopy above the front porch of the house until the end of the carport. Concrete material that form as well as the same color as the wall sections, making it seem like a canopy roof wing. The interface is minimalist and modern fits with the minimalist style of the house.
Not just in the front of the house, the canopy is also very useful to protect the recreational area in the backyard.

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Examples such as image models in the canopy above. Materials used are thick plastic shaped tiled roof. As a buffer, used wooden poles painted with colors to match the exterior of the house.
Aside from being a protector, the canopy also has a decorative function for a house. Examples such as image model of a canopy over it. Materials used are a kind of tarpaulin fabric that can hold rainwater. Its unique shape, making recreation area on the side of the house look more attractive again.
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