The concept of minimalist house Type 36 Latest

For those of you who are planning to establish a house, then this article will give you a little advice about the concept of home that you should try, namely the concept of minimalist house type 36. The reasons underlying the concept of home are worth a try is the capacity that fits the needs of today's society, the land required need not be too broad, as considerably as the development costs can be cut to a minimum to reduce spending.

All these reasons taken into consideration if it is true, even more so in today, where a more expensive land costs from time to time.
The pursuit is the concept of minimalist type 36 in question.

3 The concept of minimalist Type 36 Ready Practiced

1. Separation of the room
House type 36 is the type which has capacity for your humble family. So, this could be your abode for the four main internal rooms, and 2 external area. 4 rooms in question are 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, and one room kitchen and bathroom. While two external areas in question are one area of ​​the park and single vehicle parking area.
The concept of minimalist house Type 36 Latest

Especially for minimalist house type 36, a parking area that can offer enough to park 1 cars and two motorbikes. So, the concept of home is perfect if selected by the urban community which incidentally activity and high mobility.

2. The concept of home has infinite variations
Spilling the beans about the concept, of course you have a personal desire not? Either it will utilize a simple concept, a futuristic concept, the concept of the countryside, or the concept of high artistic value. For the choice of the most appropriate, please adjust your interests, desires, and their own desires.

3. Construction Materials
Since the house was built is not to be applied in a short period of time, then at the beginning of the development process should use quality building materials to maintain the resilience and durability of the occupied house. The stuff in question ranging from rock, sand, brick, cement, paint, tile, wood, aluminum, steel, and so forth.

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Thus, some enter on the concept of minimalist house type 36 that you can sample. Hopefully this article useful and prompt you.
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