bathroom remodeling leads + Bathroom Ceramic Floor Ideas, Pictures and Decor for your bathroom

bathroom remodeling leads + Bathroom Ceramic Floor Ideas, Pictures and Decor for your bathroom
The bath is one room that is always there in a house, no matter homes with a minimalist design, simple to luxurious. This is because the bathroom receives a very important function, namely as a place to get cleaned up well for the homeowner and their family members and also for the guests. In addition to its function as a spot to get cleaned up, this time the bathroom was also a place for inspiration probably because the atmosphere is quiet, so people are much easier to think or look for ideas for a variety of things. Well, because it is frequently used as a place to think and explore ideas, today many people, who arrange the bathroom that is not only convenient as a place to get cleaned up, but also making it an attractive and convenient place to find an idea. To embellish the space of your bathroom, lots of ways you can do like choosing wallpaper the bathrooms which have attractive colors, choose a design and furniture a unique bathroom, or the other way is to choose a motif ceramics unique and more colorful so the bathroom is not only looks comfortable but also interesting and very inspiring.
bathroom remodeling leads + Bathroom Ceramic Floor Ideas, Pictures and Decor for your bathroom

If you think about it, using ceramics to decorate your bathroom, not a defective idea. In increase to many current ceramic that has a beautiful design, the use of ceramics as bathroom decor was judged capable of making the durability of the bathroom became more powerful than using wallpaper. Ceramics also make your bath into an anti damp, and most importantly, easy to clean. For those of you who are currently renovating your bathroom, or are constructing a bathroom in your new home, the use of ceramics for decoration region this is an idea worth considering. However, although even so, you also have to look at several things in choosing tiles for your bathroom. Sure, from the outside, all the tiles look at good quality or configuration, the difference is the design. But behind the resemblance, actually ceramic consists of several types. To choose the tiles that are worthy for your bathroom, before you buy you should read 5 rules in choosing bathroom tiles.

bathroom remodeling leads + 5 Rules In Choosing Ceramic Bathroom

1. Type Ceramics
The first pattern, select ceramic bathroom of types of tiles, porcelain, or rocks. Because ceramics are built of this material have many kinds of sizes and shapes. Various cases of potato or ceramics of rocks composed of limestone and marble, which is fitted to be applied as wall coverings, especially in the shower. You need to remember is, usually ceramic of rock material has been added coating to prevent water from seeping into the ramparts of your bathroom, so the walls of your bathroom will be more durable. In addition, by applying a ceramic made from natural rock will make your bathroom look more natural.

2. Slippery
The second rule, mark that the bathroom you choose not slippery. This is very important because it touches on the security of the bathroom. For some, certain ceramics, in wet conditions will become really slippery and prone to accidents. So, in choosing tile for the bathroom should you choose ceramic that has a rough texture and not too polished so that when wet, the ceramic does not become slippery.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages Type Ceramics
The third rule, even though ceramics from rock Bahrain already using coatings, but there are also ceramics from rock material that is non durable, especially if frequently exposed to hot steam. For that, you should not select a ceramic rocks are made of limestone with a dark color in a wet area in the bathroom.

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4. Color and Styling Ceramic
The fourth rule, when utilizing the bathroom colors and patterns, the color white is the most neutral color and highly recommended. In addition to the tiles made of natural stone, ceramic tiles or glass even has its own fans, this is because the ceramic glass has a large selection of colors and sizes. Glass tile was able to present the impression of glass in your bathroom. For style, you can pick out the tiles with a wood grain pattern. Currently, the technology can produce ceramic innovation porselen. So you can choose any pattern, in that respect is a motive of rock and wood motif. Then into account besides the application of mosaic tiles in the shower area of ​​the bathroom skewed. Mosaic tile is more comfortable to use in plains uneven in the bathroom.

5. Do not Doubt Choosing Ceramic Large Size
The last rule, it is advisable for you to take the tiles with a large size. Generally, homeowners prefer a ceramic with a diminished size. In fact, the ceramics with a large size can establish an impressive bathroom becomes wider. For those of you who have a privy with a small land size, you can try using the large size tile your bathroom look wider and larger.
It was her fifth rule in choosing bathroom tiles. How do you interested in choosing ceramics as the interior plan of your bath.
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