bariatric weight loss surgery stories

Obesity gives bad impact towards the growing swell of the child, especially in the organic and psychosocial aspects. Obesity in children at high risk become obese in adulthood.

Handling of obesity in children can be done in various ways, including the handling of various behavioral family ate in terms of sis, mengu rangi fat and diet, lifestyle modifications, exercise or physical activity, the consumption of drugs prescribed by a doctor, and the last one is operation/pem prior in case of extreme obesity.
bariatric weight loss surgery stories

Tin is operating will surgery will only be recommended if other treatments fail and if the child has been through pu bertas or if he was very obese and have other health issues. The operation must be started under lai by first studying the medical history of the child.

Bariatric Surgery is a surgery technique of diminution and gastric bypass in order to lose weight in order to tackle obesity. Bariatric Surgery is already common because of proven effective for weight loss that can survive in the long term.

Bariatric Surgery is currently seen as the most effective therapies addressing obesity with additional bonus effect to control diabetes.

Bariatric Surgery method is done with laparoscopic techniques/minimally invasive surgery that is done through a small incision holes measuring 1 cm as much as 3-4 fruit. The upside is the pain is greatly reduced and incision scars are very small so the cosmetic surgery scars are barely visible.

Change the shape of the stomach/intestines, intake and absorption of the food as well as an increase in blood sugar causes hormone inkretin download so post-operative controlled. After surgery, the patient's body will give a positive response and efficient in meng set a pattern of balance blood sugar levels.

Criteria the patient to perform weight loss surgery is to wear a body mass index measurement (BMS) more than 35. BMS over 35 indicates right 45 kg excess above the ideal weight for a man or an excess of 36 kg above ideal body weight for females.

So someone with BMS over 35 let alone carries a variety of related health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, impaired cardio vascular disease and breath is the ideal candidate for the right operation.

Not all pe nyandang obesity with diabetes dian jurkan Bariatric Surgery undergo shortly. The ideal candidate is a patient there under 60 years of age, the conditions have not been ter then long suffer from diabetes and have a pretty good pancreatic function.

As for patients with blood sugar that is still stable and controllable de ngan drugs, is not dat girl to undergo bariatric surgery method.

In addition to having two main effect is to tackle obesity and Bariatric Surgery betes, he also has the effect of follow-up that is tackling disease and other complications such as heart, cholesterol, stroke risk, breath disorder, gout and joint pain, the waist and the knees due to excess body weight.

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One of the techniques of operating the iatrik bar is the most popular Sleeve Gastrectomy. Operation shrink the size of the stomach hing ga just stay 1/3 the size of the original. The size of this small hull limited the portion of the meal.

As a result after the surgery the patient will feel quickly satiated and the hunger hormone Ghrelin reduced due to declining. After the operation, the rest of the fuselage there is still normal function keep the mem process of digestion.
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