Crazy Rich Asians and Singapore Travel

Crazy Rich Asians are indeed managed to shake the American. The film scored a record as the first major Hollywood studio production.

In accordance with his novel, published in 2013, Crazy Rich Asians deals with romance. Between Nicholas "Nick" Young (Henry Golding) and Rachel Chu (Constance Wu). Both of them are professors. In the economic sphere. Who teach in the same campus: New York University.
Crazy Rich Asians and Singapore Travel

Nick is the son of one of the richest families. From Singapore. And so, inevitably, became heir to his family's wealth. Meanwhile, Rachel comes from Cupertino, California. He was raised by his mother. Originating from a family of mediocrity.

Rachel found out the fact, that the Young family is the number one conglomerate in Singapore, while Nick took her to the wedding of his friend: Colin Khoo (Chris Pang). When summer vacation. In his hometown, Nick also introduces Rachel to his entire family.

The problem, Nick's mother, Eleanor Young (Michelle Yeoh), it turns out, did not approve of his son's relationship with Rachel. He wants Nick married chick who comes from a rich family. Because Eleanor was very obsessed with treasure and the throne. Arguably, he had become the main enemy of Rachel in this film. With his cold eyes that gaze, cynical, and his words are piercing the heart.

For ordinary people, interweaving love may not be something that is difficult. But, not so for Rachel. Because her boyfriend is Nick Young. The Crown Prince of the superkaya family in Singapore. Sign in to their jetset life is indeed not an easy thing.

The story line from the Crazy Rich Asians does sound quite a classic. Easy to guess. However, the Director Jon m. Chu successfully presented it with great interest. Through the details of a more complex story.

In addition, this film also offers a new experience. We could see about the life of wealthy individuals in Asia. Who isn't curious with their lives? Crazy Rich Asians answered curiosity.

Side story that's who enrich the movie. Engagement parties start from on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, like a party in a luxury yacht, to a swanky wedding party worth tens of millions of u.s. dollars. The visualization is very beautiful. Colored, and eyes. This film feels like a fairy tale in the 21st century.

Most of the filming locations exist in Singapore and can be visited by tourists. Many corner Singapore featured in the Movie Crazy Rich Asians. These places are generally so tourist Favorites, as well as the mainstay attractions so belonging to Singapore.

Of the scene in favor of most of the scenes exist in the land of the Merlion, Singapore has shows how urban tourism potential with a neat layout. Starting from atmosphere, culinary attractions, to Michelin Star class.

Urban charm Singapore attached to strong was the setting of the film. Crazy Rich Asians like not only presents the romantic-drama film, but also shows how Singapore repackaged the city well and regularly as well as being an international tourist attraction.

At least, over half of the various places in Singapore into the spotlight. The following is a summary of a number of place:

1. the Gardens by The Bay
One of the most important scenes in the film Crazy Rich Asians taking locations in the Gardens by the Bay, a large garden of iconic Singapore. This is the giant who had a collection of garden plants from all over the world. In fact, there is an indoors aka indoor and air-conditioned.

Gardens by the Bay too so the place that must be visited in Singapore. A traveler could see a giant indoor waterfalls, extensive flower gardens until the high bridge which is cool.

2. Chinatown
Remember the scene when Rachel met her best friend, Peik Lin? They are in one of the nearby restaurants are located at Bukit Pasoh Road, Chinatown. Chinatown Singapore not only presents a number of ethnic Chinese trinkets, but also the mixed culture of peranakan culture.

3. The Esplanade
A giant Theater in Singapore, so the art exhibition center also did not escape the spotlight film Crazy Rich Asians. Although not directly into filming locations, but the Esplanade frequently appeared in a number of pieces of a picture. This is due to the strategic location of the Marina Bay Sands and Merlion Park.

4. Merlion Park
Who does not know the icons of Singapore on this one? In fact, a number of people have said a visit to Merlion Park became a legitimate place already to Singapore. Not only is the statue of a lion that emit water, but here the traveler can see Singapore in General with a beautiful layout.

5. Newton Food Center
Remember the scene when Nick invites Rachel enjoy culinary Singapore? The scene takes place in Newton Food Center, one of the culinary Center is on the road of Newton. In the culinary center that already exists since the year 1971 is a traveler could find food, laksa, Hainanese Rice and assorted other Singapore hawker.

6. Raffles Hotel
Arriving in Singapore, Rachel and Nick stay at a hotel. The Inn they choose is the Raffles Hotel, one of the famous buildings in Singapore. The hotel was built by the Sarkies Brothers who used to manage a luxury hotel in the colonial era. No wonder, Raffles Hotel has an atmosphere thick with vintage style of neo-Renaissance.

7. the Chijmes
Nick Young's friend's wedding was held with a very romantic atmosphere. Who would have thought, setting the Church in the film were in fact now is no longer a place of worship. Indeed, this is a former chapel and Catholic school, but is now finished Entertainment Center with restaurants. However, a traveler can also make a tour of history while you hang out with friends in this Gothic-style church.

8. Singapore Flyer
Giant Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, Singapore also there is lho in one of the trailers for the film. This is one exciting rides that can be tried to see Singapore from a height. A traveler can see a corner of the city of Singapore during the 30-minute is gorgeous here.

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