Easy way create a new email address for gmail

How to create an Email, actually how to make the email is not difficult but maybe some people do not know how.
Easy way create a new email address for gmail

Why do we need emails? Email is one of the facilities that we must have when doing activities on the Internet. For example, when we want to create a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, the social media site will ask for our email account, or when we want to shop at an online store, surely they will ask for our email account. This email function itself is as a means of digital communication (electronic mail) and can also be a person's online identity.

The email account itself can be we have for free or paid, and in this article I am just discussing how to create free email. Some of the most famous and most widely used free email service providers are Gmail.com, Mail.Yahoo.com, and Hotmail.com.

Here are the steps on how to create a free email in each of the services I mentioned:

1. How to create/register Gmail (Google Mail)

Gmail.com is my favorite free email service. Besides being able to create a Gmail account for free, we can also easily create a Google + account when you have a Gmail account. Follow the steps for the following Gmail list:

1. First step to creating your Gmail account, visit the Google Mail site

2. Click on the "Create an account" or "Create Account" button on the top right of the Gmail page.

3. You will be redirected to a new page where you can fill in the data yourself. Fill in the fields on the registration page with your data:

Name: Fill with your full name, first name and last name

Choose your username: fill in with your desired email address
(Example: obama88@gmail.com)

Create a password: Fill it with a password that's not easy to guess, but it's easy to remember

Confirm your password: Repeat entering your previous password

Date of birth: Fill with your year, month, and date of birth

Gender: Choose the one that fits your gender

Phone: Fill with your mobile number for security

Current email address: just leave it blank

Location: Choose according to the country where you live, for example Indonesia

Tick the column approve terms and policies from Google

Click the "Next Step" button

4. After you click Next step, you will see a Pop up containing information about the Privacy and terms. Scroll the information down to the bottom and click the "I ACCEPT" button

5. Later will appear welcome view! All you need to do is click Continue to Gmail

NOTE: Some people say in step 5 this Gmail party asks for account verification, it is rare. But if this happens to you, usually only need to verify the account by entering the phone number in the column provided, the code will be sent via SMS to your MOBILE. Enter the code into the field provided, then click Continue. Next you will be taken to the welcome Greeting page as above screenshot.

6. Until here process the Gmail list you are done is done. Please go to your email page and learn about your Gmail account.
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