If Trump is stripped of the president, U.S. will be civil war?

President Donald Trump said that if he was stripped of the presidential seat, perhaps a civil war would have occurred in America.
If Trump is stripped of the president, U.S. will be civil war?

This was confirmed in Twitter @realDonaldTrump on Monday (30/9/2019), while citing Fox News host Pastor Robert Jeffress, who assessed the impeachment on Trump could lead to civil war.

 "If the Democrats succeeded in issuing the president from his office (which will never happen), it will cause the outbreak of civil war in this country from which our country will never recover," said Mr. Trump, hooking the quote with Jeffress, As quoted from CBSNews.

Jeffress said it was in the local show Fox,  "Fox & Friends ". Trump adds his thoughts in parentheses on Twitter that he will never be moved from the office.

This controversial president's actions got a broad reaction from the American society even viral. #CivilWar2 is trending on Twitter as #CivilWarSignup.

Previously the U.S. war was hit by the 1861-1865 brothers. Where the south state declared independence and made the U.S. Confederation.

"I have visited a civil war-hit state," says Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger on Twitter.

 "@realDonaldTrump I never imagined such a quotation repeated a president. This is nasty,  "He said the Republican figure who is often criticizing Trump.

Other communities also assess Trump's actions to incite civil war to encourage violence.

Trump's impeachment efforts confirmed the U.S. Congress last week. The Trump scandal with Ukrainian leaders became a trigger.

The Trump scandal with Ukrainian leader was revealed early in mid September. Trump withheld military aid funding for Ukraine for US $400 million and pressed Zelensky investigating Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden who would become the Trump competitor in U.S. presidential election 2020.
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