Literacy Centers

I LOVE literacy centers! Check out some of the activities we've done in our classroom. More coming soon!
Literacy Centers

ABC & Word Work Center

Our ABC Tubs contain a variety of alphabet, phonics, and word work activities. Here are a few of the recent activities we have done:

"I Spy" Bags - I made these using pencil pouches, rice, and poly-beads. The children hunt for letters and record their findings by coloring in the letters on the recording sheet.

In this bag, the children hunt for objects and then record the beginning sounds.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a favorite in my classroom. At this center, the children sequence the alphabet on the story mat as they read.

ABC Punching - The children use large thumb tacks to punch letters. A felt sheet is placed underneath construction paper. If they hold it up to the light, it looks like an alphabet constellation.

Magnet Boards - The children can do various letter sorts. They can also read and spell the names of the children in our class.

Stamping - The kids use alphabet stamps to sequence the alphabet or practice sight words.

Object Sorts - Using the Alphabet Sounds Tubs from Lakeshore, the children do various beginning sound sorts.

Stringing Words - The kids use pipe cleaners to build sight words and names. I'm not sure where these letters came from though.

Sand Writing - The children use their fingers or a pencil eraser to practice writing letters or sight words in sand.

Sound Hunt - Students reach into a bag to pick out an object. Then they record the beginning sound on their recording sheet.

Library Center

Here the children can read to themselves or with a buddy. They can also read through a "whisper phone" to hear themselves sounding out words.

Big Book Center

At the big book center, the children read big books, track text with pointers, highlight sight words with highlighter tape, match words on post-it notes, and complete a written response.

Listening Center

The children listen to a story on the iPod and then complete a written response.

Computer Center

Favorite activities include Starfall, ABCMouse, Superstar Phonics, TumbleBooks, and Imagine Learning English (for my ELL students).

Write the Room

The kids love this one! They get to use a pointer and a clipboard and write words they find around the classroom. Sometimes they will have to find words beginning with a certain letter and other times, the words will be related to a theme.

Pocket Chart Center

This center has a variety of pocket chart activities, such as alphabet sequencing, sound sorting, letter sorting, matching games, and more.

Story Telling Center

This center includes familiar books, along with puppets as well as felt boards for retelling and dramatizing stories.

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