A. Informing all things, whether it is facts, data or events, including opinions and views on facts, data and events so that the audience of readers acquire new knowledge and understanding of the things that can or happen in Face of this earth.

B. Persuading through the writings of a writer expects that the reader can determine the attitude, whether to approve or support the one they are driving. Writers should be able to persuade and convince readers by using persuasive language styles. Therefore, the persuasion function of a writing will be able to produce if the author is able to present in an attractive, familiar, friendly and easy to digest language style.

C. Educating is one of the goals of communication through writing. Through reading the writing of a person's knowledge insight will continue to grow, intelligence continues to be honed, which will ultimately determine one's behavior. People who are educated for example, tend to be more open and tolerant, appreciate the opinions of others, and of course tend to be more rational.

D. Entertaining functions and objectives, entertaining in communication, not a monopoly of mass media, radio, television, but print media can also play a role in entertaining audience readers. Rich "light" writings or readings with stories and hilarious experiences can also be a reading to release tension after a busy day of activity.

The purpose of writing students in elementary school to copy, record, and work on most of the tasks given at school in the hopes of practicing language skills well.

The purpose of writing can be classified as follows:

  • Change the reader's beliefs.
  • Instill understanding of something against the reader.
  • Stimulate the thought process of readers.
  • Fun or entertaining readers.
  • Tell the reader.
  • Motivate readers.

Benefits of writing

Initial writing skills have a benefit especially on advanced writing skills related to teaching learning process, such benefits are:

  1. Expanding and improving vocabulary growth.
  2. Improve writing smoothness and compose sentences.
  3. A bouquet in essence relates to language and life.
  4. Write writing activities enhance the ability to setup and organizing.
  5. Encourage aspiring writers to develop a personal writing style and get used to finding appropriate organizing with their own ideas.
  6. It can expand and enhance the unknown vocabulary because of the many reads.
  7. Can smooth writing write both sentences, paragraphs and discourse.
  8. Can develop a self-writing style.
  9. Materially can acquire the honorium as a side profession.
  10. Non-material can provide inner satisfaction.
  11. Can be popularity everywhere because of a writing.
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