Trump calls his impeachment investigation "Bullshit"

President Donald Trump uses a harder criticism of addressing his impeachment investigation by the Democratic opposition.
Trump calls his impeachment investigation  "Bullshit"

In Twitter, Trump calls the investigation of a telephone conversation with President UkrainaVolodymyr Zelensky "Bullshit".

 "Democrats who can't be anything it should focus on building a country. It wasn't spending time and energy for bullwasting since I won it amazing, "said Trump.

 "Look for better candidates from now on, you will need them! " He continued to be quoted New York Post Wednesday (2/10/2019).

The 73-year president also directed his tribute to Adam Schiff, chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence committee leading the impeachment investigation.

 "The cunning man is dishonest. " So Trump's comment was reported by AFP when discussing Schiff. He has been on his errand has forged all his speech.

Trump also compares Schiff with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo where he stated Schiff would not be able to match the feat of the man.

He considers Schiif to be resigned from his post, or may be forced to retreat, as it has acted shameful.

In a press conference, the President who is filled with anger and mentions Schiff should be processed on the basis of betrayal.

"Not just a sentence. But also the meaning. He has twisted the sentence of the US president. That's embarrassing. Not supposed to happen, "Trump's harp.

Previously, Trump stated that the investigation carried out by the opposition was a form of  "coup" against its leadership.

Trump was investigated by the threat of impeachment over a 30-minute phone scandal with Zelensky on 25 July.

At the time, Trump urged Zelensky to re-open the case of the high-level democratic son Joe Biden, Hunter.

Joe Biden was a candidate for his strongest challenger in the upcoming 2020 presidential election exchanges.

In his statement, Nancy Pelosi who also came from the Democrats called Trump already abusing his authority.
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