What happened in El Paso: 22 Days of Anti-Racist Teaching Resources

Mass shooting victims in El Paso, Texas, United States, grew to 22 people after two wounded died in the hospital. President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the shooting location in El Paso.
What happened in El Paso: 22 Days of Anti-Racist Teaching Resources

As reported by AFP and Reuters on Tuesday (6/8/2019), police said one of the victims ' died at the hospital ' on Monday (5/8) morning. Another victim died on Monday (5/8) after 10.00 local time.

With the addition of two deaths means a total of 31 people were killed in mass shooting in El Paso, Texas and in Ohio that took place within 13 hours on Saturday (3/8) then.

A shooting performer in El Paso named Patrick Crusius (21) was arrested and ensnared with charges of mass murder, which had a threat of death penalty. While the perpetrators of the shooting in Ohio were identified named Connor Betts (24) was killed shot police.

For the firing offender in El Paso, the US Federal authority also investigated it as a domestic terrorism. Perpetrators have also been convicted of hate crimes and firearms allegations.

Local authorities cited the anti-immigrant and racist Pitada manifesto believed to be posted perpetrators prior to firing on Saturday (3/8) then, as evidence that the shooting in El Paso was based on a pattern of racism. The Manifesto called the brutal shooting in response to the ' invasion of Hispanic in Texas '.

According to the Mexican government, at least eight deaths were Mexican citizens.

U.S. President Donald Trump in recent comments states Americans ' must denounce racism, bigotry and white supremacy ' and blame the internet as well as video games for spreading violence.

In a separate statement, the mayor of El Paso, Dee Margo, told reporters that Trump would visit El Paso directly on Wednesday (7/8). Margo further asks that Trump's visit be done amid fierce debate about gun control, not politicized.

The activists who championed firearms restrictions in the U.S. declared the internet and video games not to blame, since such a thing is also popular in rare mass-hit countries, some of which have difficult rules to Get firearms.
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