How to Make Line Spacing In Microsoft Word

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Line Spacing Function in Microsoft Word
Line spacing is used to adjust the line spacing between paragraphs. Paragraph settings are very useful when we create a document or worksheet. This paragraph also contains various fonts, elements in the font (images, uppercase letters, symbols and formulas).

How to make line spacing

Before proceeding to the steps of making line spacing, you should know where the line spacing is in this Microsoft word. Line spacing is located on the Home menu in the Paragraph section, for more details, see the image below.
How to Make Line Spacing In Microsoft Word

Next follow the steps to make line spacing on Microsoft Word.

  • First, the block of text we will set the line spacing.
  • Then after all the posts in the next block select line spacing.
  • Then a dialog box will appear, then select the size you want, (I use line spacing 2.5)
  • Finally see the results, it will look different after you use the line spacing.

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